Tobii Tech Eye-Tracking For Games, Business And More

 Tobii Pro Glasses 2 for Research: Image courtesy of Tobii ABTobii Pro Glasses 2 for Research: Image courtesy of Tobii AB


Tobii is an innovative Japanese tech company behind eye-tracking technology. They came out strong at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas debuting a variety of interactive technology for syncing eye movements to control things like games and other electronic devices. While eye-tracking technology isn’t exactly new, Tobii is taking it to the next level in an attempt to make it go mainstream. If it catches on with the masses, it could change the gaming scene and several other industries, including business and medicine.


SteelSeries Sentry Eye-Tracking System: Image via Steelseries FacebookSteelSeries Sentry Eye-Tracking System: Image via Steelseries Facebook



Last year Tobii announced that it was involved in a joint venture with gaming company SteelSeries to launch eye-tracking devices for games. The first product of that meeting of the minds was the SteelSeries Sentry using the Sentry Eye Tracker. It’s said to offer cutting-edge hardware with an immersive interface that enhances the publisher streaming experience and helps to improve your gameplay. U.K.-based GamesTM noted that it’s a must-have for any tech or gaming enthusiast.

Tobii Tech

Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech, said earlier this year that, “2015 will be the year when eye tracking makes first entry into consumer markets and consumers will have their first tangible experiences with real eye tracking products in the wild, first with gaming and then within computing, ergonomic, and medical environments. We are well poised to bring new products to market, not only as Tobii, but also with numerous world-class partners in these industries. We are thrilled to move from prototypes to real products, games, and apps.”


Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Shopper: Image courtesy of Tobii ABTobii Pro Glasses 2 Shopper: Image courtesy of Tobii AB


Business & Marketing Applications

But gaming isn’t the only arena Tobii wants to conquer. They’ve got an eye toward employing this technology in the business sector as well. For starters, marketers could use Tobii Pro’s eye-tracking technology for more insight into how consumers view things, such as what draws their attention where and first. This would be an extremely valuable tool for businesses.

Objectively knowing what appeals to the masses and allowing brands to better understand their customer base saves time and money, both of which can make or break a new product faced with significant competitors.


Tobii's Dynavox for Assisstive & Augmented Communication: Image courtesy of Tobii ABTobii's Dynavox for Assisstive & Augmented Communication: Image courtesy of Tobii AB


Medical Advancements

Researchers in infant science use eye tracking to study perceptual, cognitive and social-emotional development from the time of birth on through early adulthood. The studies of psychology and neuroscience explore eye movements to understand how and why they are made and how we gather information with our eyes. Eye tracking is also used with the disabled who cannot physically control a mouse or touchscreen or for those who have trouble communicating.

That’s where Tobii Dynavox comes into play. It’s assistive technology for augmentative and alternative communication that can be used with people with accessibility and special education needs.


Tobii Pro Glasses 2: Image courtesy of Tobii ABTobii Pro Glasses 2: Image courtesy of Tobii AB


Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Tobii’s Pro Glasses are what allow wearers to study and perform all of this tech awesomeness. The company came out with the second-generation model known as Pro Glasses 2, and they now come with a free software development kit that provides full access to probably the world’s most advanced wearable eye-tracking platform.

While they may look a little like Google Glass, they’re not for busybody filming of everything you see and hear around you. They’re for the purpose of studying and tracking eye movements, which affords wearers incredible insight for everything we mentioned above. If you’re interested, check out Tobii’s website for more information.