Toilet Training Your Cat Made-Easy(er) With 3 Cat Training Kits


Cats of Throwns Cat Toilet SeatCats of Throwns Cat Toilet SeatBeing the adoptive mother of several feral cats, I've had my share of challenges just training them to do their stuff in a litter box, but there are reasons - several, I understand - to train your cat to "go" in a toilet bowl.  Many cat owners have tried and failed to do this, but there is help in the form of toilet training kits for cats.  You will need patience regardless of which kit you choose, but those who've trained their cats couldn't be happier that they're saving money on cat litter and living in a cleaner home environment.   

Most systems presume your cat is currently using a litter box, so the first steps in toilet training your cat are to gradually move the litter box closer and closer to the toilet that is to be his training station. Here are a few of the most popular kits to consider....


1. Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training Kit


Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training KitLitter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training Kit

The Litter Kwitter system comes with a series of cat seats to train your cat.  You start by including litter in the trays, moving the trays to the toilet seat, and eventually using the tray without litter.  The kit comes complete with a 30-minute training video with audio available in several languages, 3 training seats, and an instruction booklet.  There are also several videos available online to help you out.  Here's a sales pitch from the Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System's spokescat, Doogie.  (After 1.5 minutes you will get the idea...)



2.  CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit


CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training SystemCitiKitty Cat Toilet Training System

The CitiKitty system is similar to the Litter Kwitter, but only comes with one modifiable training seat for your cat.  The training seat comes completely closed so you can add cat litter until your cat is accustomed to using the seat; then gradually, you remove more of the center portion, of the seat, segmented in rings until trained. The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit comes with printed instructions, tips cards, the kitty training seat, and some catnip as a treat for kitty's success!


3. Cats Of Thrones Toilet Seat For Cats


Cats of Thrones Toilet Seat For CatsCats of Thrones Toilet Seat For Cats


Cats of Thrones is a special toilet seat for cats, necessitated, its designers suggest, because cats need a smaller toilet seat than humans and the cat owner doesn't want to - let me state this frankly - sit down on cat pee, or have their cats slip into the toilet - a surefire way to keep your cat off the toilet.

The Cats of Thrones seat is a permanent seat for your cat that fits under your regular toilet seat, so when you are not using the toilet, you leave your toilet seat up for your cat.  But the training feature of the Cats of Thrones is critical:  similar to the CitiKitty's, sections of the 'throne' are removed as your cat gradually accustoms herself to using it.


Cats of Thrones 6 stages of trainingCats of Thrones 6 stages of training

There are 6 training steps in the Cats of Thrones system, which comes with the special cat toilet seat, a formulation of flushable cat litter, a bottle of pet stain remover and deodorizer, and some special catnip treat.

If you choose not to use one of the special kits for cat toilet training, there are several books available on the subject too!

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