Toilet Annunciator: Great Idea?

One can only speculate as to what type of a voice a Toilet Annunciator would have if it could speak. Would it be a deep baritone warning of things to come or a soft soprano sweetly urging us onwards and upwards (or in whatever direction we seek to go at the time)? What exactly would Patent #US 6937155 have to say to humanity? Would it be grateful for our high fiber diets, sullen about our indifference to its purpose or proudly independent and/or ambivalent? Could it be something like the following, which was found on the patent’s description page?

“Hel-lo. This is your toi-let speak-ing. Thank you for install-ing this a-nun-cia-tor on me so that my voice can be heard more clear-ly.”


According to the words of the patent, the Toliet Annunciator is an apparatus comprised of a toilet tank containing water and an electrical circuit within an enclosure. A rigid arm extends upwards from the enclosure providing a hook for suspending the enclosure in a position just below the toilet tank. The electrical circuit produces a sound from the speaker when the toilet tank is flushed. There are two possible modes; one, where water dropping in the tank during flushing initiates the sound and the other involving sound that is picked up when there is a selected flush-related sound.

Either way, one can only wonder if sound is what is desired in the bathroom. Don’t most of us seek peace and quiet and isn’t that the last place you expect to be holding a conversation? Commands could include “let’s roll” and proverbs might indicate that “flushing is in the hands of the beholder.”

The toilet has inspired other inventions as well. Consider  the “Bull's-eye Toilet Bowl!”  and “Retractable Toilet Table Top” .

As far as the Toilet Annunciator goes, what’s that you say?

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Jan 27, 2009
by Anonymous

Water usage courtesy? Pep talks?

Maybe it could let you know the cost of the flush at trade rates that time of day, or tells you the carbon cost of your output (not counting whatever it is you dropped on the sewage treatment plant?) Lots of new toilets are super quiet, so like 'save' on a text editor, you want a little indicator of what happened...or you're a sadistic family who wants to hear someone suffer every time they flush. Ringtones for fixing claustrophobia and rushing people back out to their desks, etc. Mourning your meals. Encouraging bulemics to take it easy.

Jan 28, 2009
by Cosetta
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