Toilet Plunger iPhone Stand Really Sucks

iPhones, iPods, digital calculators and other essential personal electronic devices may be outstanding but when standing's what you want, they have an unfortunate tendency to fall flat. No longer! Thanks to this handy-dandy miniature toilet plunger, your device will display its screen with a most fashionable lean.

At just 4.5 cm (1.8") long, the Plunger Sucker Stand may look like a classic toilet plunger but retains none of its original function - trust me, don't try it no matter how quickly the water is rising.

Instead, it uses its silicone rubber business end to grip the back of your personal device, allowing the cylindrical wood handle to support its weight as you lean it back for optimum screen viewing. Choose from a wide variety of colors to suit your personal taste - all of them sport a naturally finished wood handle so watch out for splinters!  


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