Toilet Tissue Boutique's Color Consultants Help Personalize Your Paper

Feeling down in the dumps? Need something to wipe away that frown? The psychologically trained counsellors at Renova's mood-matching toilet tissue boutique have got what it takes to paper over any cracks in your psyche.

Renova has carved out a unique marketing niche with a line of high-end, richly hued toilet tissue that customers in Europe and Japan use to color coordinate their restrooms. Now the Portuguese firm is going one step further, setting up what is being called "the world's first mood-matching toilet tissue boutique" in the town of Cascais, Portugal.

Cascais is a town of about 35,000 located on the Atlantic seacoast just west of the country's capitol, Lisbon. Formerly the preferred resort destination for Portugal's royal family, the town today is rated as one of the wealthiest municipalities in Portugal - an ideal spot for Renova's pioneering toilet paper boutique!

Forget about Mr. Whipple, the Renova boutique is staffed by counsellors trained in psychology and color therapy. The trained consultants are more than happy to match a specific color, texture and/or thickness of toilet tissue to precisely match each customer's unique individual mood.

The boutique appears to be popular, attracting a steady stream of curious clients who can look forward to being pampered by Renova's kind & caring consultants. According to a company spokesperson, "People can express their true personality with the type of paper they use and different family members have different needs."

Renova's distinctive toilet tissue is already available in Japan so in all likelihood a mood-matching toilet tissue boutique is not far, er, behind.

Currently Renova sells three-roll gift packs of their scented, three-ply toilet paper for 2,625 yen (about $28) each. "Spare a square?"... Not bloody likely! Colors available are black, red, orange, green, fuschia (pink), azzurro (blue), white (in gift packs only), and the brand-new Brazilian yellow. (via Gigazine and Austrian Times)