10 Luxury Toilets That Will Make You Wet Your Pants in Excitement

There are a few expected fixtures in a bathroom and one of them is a toilet... yes, even in the most luxurious bathrooms, people still need a place to "go." Toilets have been in need of modernizing forever, and it's about time to replace that same old "john" that looks like everyone else's. Here are 10 contemporary, cool-looking, luxury toilets, some with matching bidets, from my favorite bathroom designers.

1. Chromeosome™ Toilet

Now this toilet is so gorgeous, it's scary! Jemal Wright Bath Designs has created a process for adding dyes to chrome, so if this translucent orange is a bit much for your taste, the Chromeosome toilet can be made to match any color! The toilet base is porcelain coated with Chromeosome, and touched off with a push-button flusher in what else? Swarovski crystal! Yikes!



2. Vaso a Terro Toilet

Bright colors, and not just on the toilet seat and cover... that's what makes the strongest design statement about the Vaso aTerro toilet. All ceramic, by Italian tile maker, Master Ceramiche, the toilet and bidet come in several colors, including bronze, ebony, even purple! See at Lavabo.


3. The Imperial Toilet

Your guests will be honored to know you've installed a throne for their use. The Imperial toilet is fit for a king or queen in china and hand-painted 24K leaf gold. A custom one-piece toilet from AquAvanti.



4. Jungle Dundee Toilet and Bidet

The Jungle Dundee by Ceramica Cielo will be a welcome addition to any wild decor, jungle or otherwise, unless of course if you happen to have an aversion to using animal skins in the ceramics mold.




5. Julien BenchToilet

Designed by Troy Adams for Julien, Inc., the Bench Toilet is a brilliant way to hide a toilet and use it as a bench or shelf or seat. The BenchToilet won the DPHA (Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association) Innovative New Plumbing Product of the Year Award in 2007.



6. Duravic Stark X Toilet and Bidet

The Stark X toilet by Duravic is a self contained toilet and seat. When the seat is closed the toilet is totally hidden. A matching bidet is also available with the seat, an unusual feature for a bidet even in contemporary styles. These fixtures are great for a large modern bathroom. See at Lavabo.


7. Althea Ceramica Hera Toilet

I love this cone-shaped toilet with it's chrome top and rimmed bottom. It would be a pleasant surprise in a small contemporary bathroom with or without its matching bidet. The chrome can be substituted with a white or color cover. Available at Lavabo.


8. Art Ceram Fontana Toilet and Bidet

A toilet with an a different angle, the Fontana toilet is a playful dual-toned toilet that doesn't take up much space, but it does provide a good sized seating platform. The Fontana comes in a rectangular version as well; both are available from Lavabo in a range of colors.


9. John + Mary (Toilet and Bidet)

Italian designer Rapsel gives John a john and Mary a bidet. Well, John + Mary is kind of a cute name, but more so, the pair makes a stunning bathroom duo for a contemporary home. Find it at Lavabo.



10. The Isis (Swarovski ) Toilet


Well, maybe I got too carried away with the Chromeosome toilet, because there will be some for whom that toilet is not luxurious enough. For those, Jamal Wright has designed the Isis, here covered in Swarovski crystals. I must say that, as toilets go, it's the piece de resistence.



Now, go do your thing!

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Jul 21, 2008
by Anonymous


for beeing luxury toilets they acctually look awful all of them. Rich people don't have taste I guess :D I would reject everyone of them! *hides somewhere*

Jul 23, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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Love that crystal one!

I wonder how King Tut would feel about these?

His should be solid gold.

Well, maybe someday.




Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

Jan 1, 2009
by Anonymous


i dont care