Tokidoki Turntable Watch is Simply Divinyl!

Tokidoki Retro Turntable Wristwatch recalls 80s glamTokidoki Retro Turntable Wristwatch recalls 80s glam
Get out the skinny ties, leg warmers and Sixteen Candles videocassettes, the Eighties are back to the future with a vengeance! Don't believe me? Check out the Tokidoki Turntable Watch... just the accessory you need for a late-night trip to the Vinyl Cafe.

For those of you who don't recall the 1980s, it was a decade of rising expectations and hope for the future - much like the 1950s in many ways. Video games were changing the way we played and VCRs freed us from the tyranny of the TV. By mid-decade, the compact disc appeared and vinyl records began their long decline.


Vinyl remains an icon of times past, and the Tokidoki Turntable Watch features it front & center on their new/old wrist watch. Resplendent in black, red & white with stainless steel trim, this admittedly bulky timepiece features a central "record" that turns to mark the passing seconds. You read the time by peering at a very small display on the left-hand side of the face. Not really practical for sure, but the Tokidoki Turntable Watch is all about show, not tell! 

Get your turntable wrist watch, including leather strap and fancy gift box, from online retailer Fredflare for just $175 - shipping is free. (via GeekAlerts)

Aug 5, 2008
by Anonymous

I'm young

and I wish they would make vinyl records a lot again, there was some talk or something that it was on the up with vinyl records again but it would be to good to be true. Though they need to be a lot cheaper then they were. I wish cd's would be a lot cheaper too.