Tokyo Hotel Offers Rooms With A View... Of Godzilla!

Visitors to the Hotel Gracery in downtown Tokyo's Shinjuku could find their picture window view blocked by a 40-ft tall statue of Godzilla's head. Not that anyone's complaining, mind you.

Marriott International opened the 30-story Hotel Gracery on April 24th, 2015 and the hotel is but one part of the massive Shinjuku Toho Building complex.

Toho Co., Ltd is the film studio that unleashed Godzilla upon the world, originally in 1954 and a further 29 times since then... the 30th recurrence is due for cinematic release in 2016.

Therefore we may consider the appearance of the beloved daikaiju's head, neck and a single clawed paw rearing up from a terrace on the Shinjuku Toho Building's eighth floor as part promotion, part self-congratulation.

Owing to its lofty perch, the monster's famed toothy grin can be seen from a fair distance but the best views are those espied from some of the Hotel Gracery's optimally situated rooms.

The Shinjuku Toho Building's eighth floor terrace cafe offers the most up close & personal experience, with visitors gaining access to the embossed wall panels complementing the statue.

The panels display iconic scenes from some of Godzilla's best known films, such as the destruction of the passenger train by Big G who uses it to floss his double-row of choppers. Gettin' hungry yet? (via Yururi Sampo and Twinavi)