Tokyo Game Show 2009 Booth Companions Shatter Stereotypes - NOT!


Once again, Japan's legions of "otaku" geeks and gamers are asking themselves "Hmm, might I find a cute companion at the Tokyo Game Show?" Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" - because the September 24 through 27 event is virtually awash with Companions!

OK, let's separate the fantasy from the reality. "Companions" is the new name for the often scantily clad young ladies every participating company at the TGS must have representing them... and the more they have, the better.

Traditionally known as Campaign Girls in Japan and the slightly more sexist Booth Babes in the USA, these comely companions add a dash of warm humanity to the TGS's cool aura of technology, thus creating a well-rounded experience for game show attendees who number girls and tech as highly relevant to their interests.

The accommodating folks at Gigazine have done a great service for those who cannot attend the final 2 public-access days of the 4-day event being held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, just east of metro Tokyo. Without further ado then, let's bring on the Companions!



Acquire made up in quality what they lacked in quantity. That goes especially for the lone companion decked out in an outfit that resembles the metal bikini worn by Slave Girl Leia - an image any self-respecting geek holds dear (if not near). The chained neck choker is a nice added touch - just don't touch.



Bandai Namco

Presenting Japan's answer to the Rockettes, it's the companion chorus line coming courtesy of Bandai Namco. Everybody kick!



Small vs. Tall

The companions in black look to be about a foot taller than their comrades in white...  is this the result of some bizarre genetics experiment or what?


Alien Ware

Is it too corny to say that the Alien Ware companions are out of this world? Should I have just skirted the issue of their short skirts entirely? Has anyone torn their eyes away from the above image to read this?


Big Shots Get Shut Out

Whoever devised the seating plan at the Tokyo Game Show 2009's opening ceremony needs to start submitting his/her resume, like, yesterday. Check out the bald dude on the right... you KNOW he's just dying to turn around but can't because that would be poor form.


Got It Maid

Maids? At my Game Show? It's more likely than you think... if the event takes place in Japan. If you think maids have nothing to do with gaming, you'd be right. If you think maids have everything to do with GAMERS, you'd also be right.


An Ocean of More Maids

When it comes to maids, the more the merrier. I'm not sure if Japan's preponderance of maids has anything to do with the exceptional cleanliness of the country but that's about the least unusual explanation for the phenomenon.



Puss & Boots

Konami decked out their Companions in a couple of different outfits, one featuring the highest pair of boots since Nancy Sinatra strutted across the Las Vegas stage. Which is cool: what happens at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, stays at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show.

And that's our wrap-up of this years models (with apologies to Elvis Costello). It might be too late for those desiring to meet the Companions on September 26 and 27 but fear not - they're sure to be back next year for TGS 2010!