Tom Wood's Mobile Brewery: Beer Bottling That Comes Home To You!

Brewing beer at home is a popular hobby, but actually getting it bottled takes effort when you've got to get it to a facility. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could get bottling services to come to you! Well, someone did, because it's turned into a business.

Tom Wood's Mobile Beer BottlingTom Wood's Mobile Beer Bottling

Tom Wood's Mobile Beer Bottling service is a concept that works because of the convenience that it offers. Hobbyist brewers can be as lazy as they want when it comes time to bottle their creation because Tom Wood's truck is completely equipped to clean bottles, apply the labels, and of course bottle the beer so it's ready to drink.

Beer bottling in itself isn't the unique concept, but at a time where there is an increased focus on businesses that offer convenience, this comes at a great time. Could this growing trend mean that America has finally reached its laziest peak?

Via: Springwise

Mar 29, 2012
by Anonymous

Laziest peak? I presume for

Laziest peak? I presume for some people and businesses, mobile bottling is cost-effective. Cost effective is not synonymous with lazy.
Where does this business operate? What are their prices?