Tomato Soap Leaves You Clean and Stress Free

Wash away stress with WenBee's anti-oxidant tomato soapWash away stress with WenBee's anti-oxidant tomato soap
"M'm! M'm! Good!"... and good FOR you too, it seems. We're talking Tomato soap here - not soup - and you're supposed to wash with it, not drink it. Though there's no guarantee the farm fresh scent won't stoke your appetite for a post-shower snack!

WenBee, a Japanese heath & beauty products company based in Tokyo, has bolstered their new Vege Table "Lycopin Red" Soap with the proven anti-oxidant properties of Lycopene.

This potent, natural phytochemical doesn't do much for tomatoes besides turning them red when ripe - it's what it does for people that's excited the interest of health professionals and natural practitioners alike. 

Lycopene, according to WenBee, can destress the skin by acting against destructive free radicals that oxidate our cells and accelerate the aging process. Lycopin Red soap is made from tomatoes at their reddest and ripest, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Each round red bar weighs 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) and costs 1,890 yen or around $20 plus shipping from Netsea - not exactly cheap but certainly more elegant than showering with soup.