Tomko Transceiver for iPhone Offers Fun Functionality with Retro Style

Overheard in a 22nd century history class... “In the early days of personal wireless communications, people either held their mobile phones to their ears or wore Bluetooth headsets that made them look futuristic to themselves, pretentious and douchey to others.” Fade out as the class erupts in giggling and catcalls.

Indeed, our technology seems to have advanced further than our ability to handle it – literally. Filter incoming and outgoing microwave transmissions through your brain much? Enjoy having others give you that “uh oh, crazy guy” look as you chat away mindlessly with a Bluetooth headset stuffed in one ear? There's GOT to be a better way... and now there is: the Tomko Transceiver for iPhone

Sure it looks Old School, like an old CB mike from the early 1970s spray-painted matte black and boasting a 50cm (20”) cord ending in a 3.5mm plug, but the Tomko Transceiver packs a semi-trailer's worth of 21st century tech goodies into its 7.87 x 6.65 x 2.05cm (3.148 x 2.66 x 0.82”) casing. It even runs (up to 15 hours continuously) on 2 AAA type batteries (sold separately) so it won't place a drain on your iPhone's battery. Nice!

The key here is integrated multifunctionality: the Tomko Transceiver automatically mutes any music you're playing through it when you get an incoming phone call, for example. It acts as an extension for many of the iPhone's useful functions. Want to use Siri? Just push & hold the Tomko Transceiver's top button.

The designers of the Tomko Transceiver for iPhone have thoughtfully addressed the potential drawbacks of a standard hand-held transceiver, starting with the fact that you don't have to hold it. A built-in clip securely fastens the device to your belt or your seat belt. Doing the latter allows you to communicate through your iPhone in speakerphone mode, a must in jurisdictions where hand-held mobile phone use is against the law... something surely coming to your town if it hasn't already.

The Tomko Transceiver is also a miniature music maestro – no cheap, cheesy, tinny speakers here! Using one button you can play or pause music (one click), skip forward (two clicks), or go back to the previous song (three clicks).

When having a phone conversation, you can employ “real radio mode” by moving a button on the side and mute the person on the other end of the line while you talk.

Check out the following in-house video and watch Strapya World's fun-loving staff put the Tomko Transceiver through its paces. Think these guys look cool? Just imagine what the Tomko Transceiver will do for you!

One possible caveat: the Tomko Transceiver was designed with the Apple iPhone in mind and as such, iPhones from generations 3G through 4S are the ideal companion devices. The Tomko Transceiver will work with other models but has only been tested with the iPhone and use with other smartphones is at the purchaser's own risk.

In the U.S., you can get the Tomko Tranceiver at

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