Toms Shoes: Buy One, Get One For A Charitable Cause

Toms Shoes may sound like your neighborhood shoe store, but it's one fashionable company that's anything but run of the mill. Not only does carry a wide variety of fashion-forward shoes that would meet the style needs of even the most discerning fashionista, but it offers a 2-for-1 deal like no other that helps support a charitable cause.

While shoe stores like Payless may offer their classic BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sales, which allow shoppers to take home their second pair of shoes for half off the ticket price, Toms Shoes helps shoppers expand their own shoe collection while giving them the opportunity to give back with a unique 2-for-one deal. Every time shoppers purchase a pair of hot summer sandals, sky-high heels, or functional and fashionable loafers, Toms Shoes donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. It's not quite 2-for-1 in the classic sense of the word, since the second pair of shoes doesn't actually find its way to your closest; but the one-for-one program helps children in countries find much needed protection and comfort for their feet.

Toms Shoe selection is characterized primarily by eco-chic, sustainable shoes made of materials like burlap, cotton and natural canvas. They have a comfortable variety of loafer-like slip on shoes that are perfect for casual summer wear that retail between $40-$70. Toms Shoes won't break the bank for a single pair, but keep in mind when buying, that a similar pair of shoes will be shipped to a child who would otherwise be stuck going barefoot, so though fashion, you're supporting a good cause!