You Know What You Can Do With That Tongue? Make Some Art With It!

The tongue is made up of many groups of muscles. I can think of so many things to do with my mine, but artist Ani K uses his tongue to paint pictures.

A teacher from India, he was first inspired to paint when he watched a man paint with his foot. Ani K tried out different body parts, but realized those were already being done. Wanting to be different, he decided to try painting with his tongue.

“I always go for something different. So, first I tried to paint with nose, but noticed that few are already doing it. So, I thought of giving my tongue a try and succeeded. Many newspapers reported it. I got a good response. Then, I made it a regular practice,” said Ani K.

Check out the video of Ani K in action:

When Ani first started out, he used to get severe headaches and body aches everytime he tried painting with his tongue. But he persevered and soon got over that.

Taking about 5 months to complete, he has made an 8 foot painting of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. He usually finishes one painting in three to four days. In the future he plans to hold an art gallery at his house featuring 150 of his tongue paintings.

Hmm, did anyone else find that video a little erotic? I feel like it took away my innocence.

I could totally see myself doing a painting like that ...if ice cream was involved. Speaking of ice cream, I'd like to recommend that this artist buy some ice cream flavored toothpaste to get rid of that awful taste in his mouth. Or I can give him one tube from the dozen that I own.


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May 23, 2008
by Anonymous


This is really...disgusting!