Too Hot to Trot, or Work? Beat the Heat - Take Your Pants Off!

Salt Lake City-based advertising and PR agency Richter7 has dealt with the dog days of summer for the past four years by instituting a "No Pants Policy" during the months of July and August. This year's nationwide heat wave has garnered the firm a bit more attention than prior years.

"Activities like the No Pants Policy ... help us to bond and function more as a unified team," said Richter7 partner Tim Brown. Ya think? If we were talking about a place with a more swinging reputation than Utah, I might suspect that a whole lot of "bonding and functioning" would be going on between team members. But Utah? Do they even allow people to go around without pants in Utah?

Just to be safe, and to avoid unnecessary and expensive OSHA lawsuits, the management team at Richter7 suggested that anything other than pants would be acceptable - shorts, skirts, togas, kilts and lava-lavas (I admit to having to look that one up) - especially at meetings and sales presentations.

According to the official employee handbook on the matter, "All employees caught wearing pants will be fined one quarter for their treason. No exception." All proceeds from fines, as well as confiscated pants, will be donated to the Volunteers of America. The company's press release did not reference any punishment for not wearing anything at all in place of pants.

Perhpas we'll finally get the answer to the age-old mystery: What DOES an advertising executive wear under his kilt?