Too Lazy To Read Those Tweets? Let Twimal Do It For You!

Do you find yourself getting too lazy to head on over to Twitter or start up some tweet-streaming on your computer sometimes? Do you wish there was some nifty little gadget somewhere that can read those tweets out aloud for you so you can stay updated on your friends' and family's latest tweets? Not to mention staying in the know on your favorite stars' and celebrities' updates as well.

Well, your wish is toymaker Takara Tomy's command because they've released the cute and adorable Twimal that can do this for you.

Twimal is actually short for "Twitter Animal" thought up by the toymaker as Twitter is a very popular site in Japan, not to mention the whole world. There are two versions available for the Twimal. The white one reads out your tweets in a female voice, while the blue one read them like a man. The Twimal connects to your laptop or computer via USB and can track and read tweets from the people you follow, from the people who follow you, and just about any other user that you may want to connect to on Twitter.

You can also change the way the voice of the Twimal sounds like and operate two of them at a time. These adorable gadgets will be made available in Japan beginning March 31 at  ¥2,480 (approximately $31).

I think the Twimal takes a lot of the hassle away from having to constantly check your Twitter account or apps if you're one of the people who are constantly hooked on the site. I know because I used to be there myself. I would take a break from whatever I was doing to check the latest tweet that popped up on my screen and I'd waste 10 minutes browsing the site or reading whatever article that tweet linked to. I have since uninstalled that app and I believe I've cured myself from my Twitter addiction. If you haven't yet then maybe having the Twimal read out the tweets aloud might reduce the amount of time you waste away clicking through those tweets.

Check out the video below to see the Twimal in action. However, the commercial is in Japanese though. (And the tweets that the Twimal is reading are in Japanese. Maybe they're multi-lingual?) Anyway, here's the video:

What do you think of the Twimal?

Is it something that you'd love to see cross over the seas to the U.S. or is it something that you'd pass on?

Source: Crunch Gear