TOOR Might Just Be The World's Smartest Lockbox

Thanks to the rise of new tech, many industries have started to adapt to allow for the innovations that can set them apart from their competitors. One field that has been a little behind, however, is the real estate industry. Some companies have tried to change that, but ultimately, it just didn't work out. That looks to be changing however thanks to the TOOR Pro Lockbox.


Coming off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, TOOR is bringing security and convenience to not only the real estate market, but to AirBnB hosts and individuals, as well, by offering a smart lockbox that can be monitored and controlled from almost anywhere. In regards to the real estate game, being able to respond in a prompt manner to interested buyers is key and with Toor there are so many ways you can get the house shown quickly and conveniently.

With the basic TOOR Lockbox, homeowners have an easy way to transfer keys to people entering their home. AirBnB home owners can grant access to guests, and TOOR gives homeowners a convenient way to give access to cleaning services, pet sitters, and home inspectors. The original model allows for guest lists, open/close notifications, and chat services. The real beauty of the TOOR comes in the Pro version though.

With the Pro version of the TOOR, you get all of the features of the original plus things like home showing requests, user profiles, and appointment options. While an AirBnb user or homeowner may not require these types of additional features, someone in the real estate market can greatly benefit from these types of features. GIving interested buyers priority can the difference in getting a sale or losing one.

TOOR Pro can be help all parties involved, buyers, sellers, and agents. Buyers can reserve a showing time through the app, follow the instructions listed, and have the ability to view a home at their convenience and pace. In markets where licensed agents are required, they can use the app to see agents in the area and request a showing. Sellers can view profiles of agents and buyers before granting access to their most personal space. Agents are able to have the latest technology to impress buyers and sellers and give the best customer service possible.

TOOR helps take away a lot of the stress involved in selling home by giving unparalleled access and control to everyone involved. Monitoring is free for the original TOOR model, but the Pro monitoring does have a $50 per month fee. This is a small price to pay, however, for real estate professionals looking to up their convenience and sales in the real estate market.