Toothbrush Dish Brush Cleans Plates, Not Plaque

The Toothbrush Dish Brush from Japan's Nodaya-Net promises to leave your dirty dishes as white as snow... that is, if they were white before serving dinner. If you liked the way Nodaya-net's nifty Sing-A-Long Tongs added amusement to your kitchen, the Toothbrush Dish Brush is sure to make you smile!

The clever folks at Nodaya-net enjoy adding novelty to everyday household products but the end result has got to be at least as practical as the utilitarian items they're aimed at.

In the case of the the Toothbrush Dish Brush, the designers took a close look at standard toothbrushes and considered which features would add to the efficiency of a much larger dishwashing brush.

First and foremost was the long reach inherent in a scaled-up toothbrush: more length provides an increased ability to clean the bottoms of tall cups, mugs and glasses. Cleaning water bottles also becomes easier and offers better results.

Secondly, ordinary dish brushes can become hard to handle what with slippery dishwashing detergent covering the handles. Nodaya-net's Toothbrush Dish Brush solves that problem by affixing a non-slip rubber pad to the inside of the handle. If it works for toothbrushes, it'll improve dish brushes!

The Toothbrush Dish Brush measures 27.5cm by 4cm by 4cm (10.5” by 1.75” by 1.75”) and only comes in Sky Blue with dark blue trim. You can order directly from Nodaya-net at their Japanese-language product page for 1,365 yen (about $13.50) each including tax. Last but not least, if you resemble Richard Branson or Giada the Toothbrush Dish Brush will do double duty as the Dishbrush Tooth Brush.