Top 10 Beauty Gadgets To Give This Year

Finding the perfect present for friends and family can be challenging, especially when you're shopping for a beauty guru. Odds are, they have plenty of makeup, lotions, perfumes and clothes. Don't worry, though, because there are tons of gadgets out there that will make the perfect present this year!

1. GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening System

No one's biggest beauty complaint is that their smile is just too white. Everyone would like to erase coffee stains and yellow enamel. The GLO system uses light and heat to activate a hydrogen peroxide formula you rub across your teeth. This teeth whitening system is perfect for people with sensitive teeth, and GLO promises zero pain. It takes a little time, though, so make sure you give this to someone who is patient. GLO recommends four 8-minute sessions a day for five days. Then you're all set! This gift will have your friend saying G-L-Oh yeah! 

The GLO Sytem: Get it for $199.99The GLO Sytem: Get it for $199.99

Gotta give it? Get GLO here!

2. TEMPTU AIRbrush System

Every makeup fanatic knows airbrush makeup is as flawless as it gets. However, it's normally just a special treat you can get at a salon because it's more expensive than traditional makeup. This is the season of giving, though, so why not treat that special lady to her very own airbrsh system. TEMPTU is a small system perfect for women who want to look perfect each day (so, you know, all women). It works exclusively with AIRPods, which snap in easily. It's lightweight. It's portable. Plus, there are plenty of ways to control the pressure and flow of the machine, so you get as much or as minimal coverage as you like. Dirty brushes and oily hands won't be touching skin anymore. TEMPTU AIRbrush system will keep your wife's, mother's or best friend's skin beautiful. 

TEMPTU AIRbrush System: Signature Starter KitTEMPTU AIRbrush System: Signature Starter Kit

The system comes in different colors so you can match the recipient's personality. There are different levels of kits, with the Flawless Complexion Kit starting at $170.00. Grab your gift here.

3. KISS Power Pocket File

Breaking a nail when you're out and about is one of the most annoying inconveniences for women with longer nails. The jagged edge often snags on clothing, you wind up accidently scratching everyone, and it looks atrocious. If you've got friends and family who love to keep their nails on point, the KISS Power Pocket File is a portable way for them to keep their manicure looking fine. It's battery-operated and comes with four different attachments. Your special someone can exfoliate, clean and shape their nails even if they are on the go.

KISS Power Pocket FileKISS Power Pocket File

This beauty gadget won't cost you too much, coming in between $10-20 depending on the online retailer. Do you know someone who has this on their Christmas list? Get it here

4.  Nylea Derma Roller

Micro Needle Therapy is the new, go-to solution for scars, cellulite, hair loss and more. A derma roller contains hundreds of tiny needles that, when rolled across the skin, stimulate collagen production and open pores for even better absorption of serums and lotions.  Now, there are plenty of different derma rollers out there, but the Nylea Derma Roller is one of Amazon's most popular beauty gadgets. It's got tons of positive reviews online, which means this gift will be one that actually works!

 Nylea Derma Roller: Micro Needle TherapyNylea Derma Roller: Micro Needle Therapy

This present would only set your back $20, making it the perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift. Check out all the reviews and pick one up at Amazon

5. Zeno Line Rewind

Zeno Line Rewind is the magical combination of wrinkle reducing serum, LED lights and vibrations that firm and smooth skin. This device is perfect for fighting fine lines around eyes and on the face. There are some warnings about sensitivity, so this might not be the best gift for friends will delicate skin, but overall, it's a cute little device that will look great under wrapping paper.

Zeno Line RewindZeno Line Rewind

On Amazon, this present costs $19.99, but it's also offered as an add-on. If you're getting all your Christmas shopping done at once, you can get the Zeno Line Rewind for $6.15 as an add-on. 

6. The Brushegg

Makeup users should clean their brushes on a regular basis; it's recommended at least once a week. Brushes get caked with makeup and can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can damage skin. A little soap and water in the palm of your hand is one way to clean a brush, but the Brushegg offers a little extra scrubbing power to make sure those beauty tools are good to go. 

The Brushegg: An adorable beauty gadgetThe Brushegg: An adorable beauty gadget

You can't choose which color you get, but the pink, mint and purple are all pretty great. They only cost $8.00 and will make any makeup lover happy. Pick one up here.

7. Hot Iron Holster

What kind of list would this be without some hair gadgets? For women who can't leave the house without straightening or curling their hair, the Hot Iron Holster is a must. This beauty gadget is made of heat-resistant silicone and sticks to the top of any counter surface. Pop your flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer in the holster and keep counter space open. It's perfect for women who don't have a lot of bathroom space to get ready in. 

Hot Iron HolsterHot Iron Holster

The Hot Iron Holster comes in a variety of colors, as well as two different sizes. The deluxe size costs $29.95, while the professional size runs $39.95. Grab your gift at the Hot Iron Holster website or on Amazon.

8. Lady Bug Polish Holder

How many bottles of nail polish have died because of a clumsy hand or a bump of the table? least in my collection. If you're girlfriend, mom or best friend loves to do her own nails, the Lady Bug Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder would be a perfect addition to her collection. Reviewers say it fits almost every bottle, from OPI to Butter London to Sally Hansen. Now, if you reach for an open bottle and accidently hit it, the Lady Bug just rocks back and forth and the polish stays put. It's meant for hard surfaces, but works on beds and couches too. You just never know when inspiration for a manicure may strike.

Lady Bug Spill Proof Polish HolderLady Bug Spill Proof Polish Holder

For $12.25 on Amazon, you can grab this gift and have it ready to go by the time the holidays roll around. This is one present that won't "bug" your friends. (Oh, the puns!) Get yours here.

9.  Monkey Nail Dryer

Lady bugs aren't the only creatures that can help nail enthusiasts. This Monkey Nail Dryer blows over freshly painted nails to dry them quickly. No explanation is needed for why this gadget is amazing. Just look at it.

Monkey Nail Dryer: Retails for $5Monkey Nail Dryer: Retails for $5

If that didn't win you over, perhaps this phrase from the product description will. Buy this monkey so "you don’t have to blow nail dry with your sexy mouth." Anyone you give this to will go bananas. (Another pun!) It's only $5, so why not give it? Check out the Monkey Nail Dryer here.


Hair threading has become very popular recently, but heading to the salon to get brows and cheeks threaded is time and money consuming. If you know someone who likes their brows to be on point, the ThreaderLUX can help them achieve the perfect look at home. The threader is easy enough to use; there's even an instructional video. The kit also comes with lotion to slightly numb the skin and rice powder to help the threader glide better. 

ThreaderLUX: From KamissieThreaderLUX: From Kamissie

There are plenty of sites and stores that sell the ThreaderLUX. You can even get it on Amazon. It costs $125, but the strings last up to 9 months, saving your loved one quite a few trips to the salon.  

Bonus Buy: Nail Polish Protectors

It's the perfect gift if you want to ruin a friendship or turn your wife into a beautiful Freddy Krueger. Please don'y actually give this one. Just stare in amusement.

Nail Polish ProtectorsNail Polish Protectors

No matter your budget or your taste buds, there's a beauty gadget out there that would be perfect for your friends and family this holiday season.  Maybe you should pick one up for yourself, too!

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