Top 10 Ridiculously Fun Bearded Gift Ideas For Movember

"Movember" is upon us and for those who aren't familiar with this, "no shave November" aka "Movember" is a new trend among men where they go the entire month of November without shaving their facial hair.

This fascination with beards means more and more men are growing them and becoming quite attached to the look as well as the freedom of not shaving .  So this Movember, help out your favorite Grizzly Adams with some of these amazing beard and mustache gifts.

1) Beard Beer Can Koozie

What's better than having a beard? aving a beard on your beer, that's what.  For $15.95 on Amazon, you can dress up your beer can with hilarious beards complete with mouth openings so the label on your can shows through.  Beard beer can koozies, now that's what I call "lumberjack classy".

2) Beardski Ski Mask

Keep your beard warm during this year's ski trip with, well, another beard.  Don't have a beard but have beard envy?  With about $26 and a Beardski ski mask, you can experience what it would feel like to have the breeze blow through your facial hair.  Don't ski?  Wear one of these anyway because you're an adult and make your own decisions.

3) Inflatable Beard

Does your work's dress code prohibit beards?  Don't fret, because with an inflatable beard by Archie McPhee you can have an insta beard with just a few breaths.

4) Sterling Silver Dog Tag Comb Necklace

This one costs a pretty penny at $190, but this sterling silver dog tag comb necklace on a silver chain by Beard Buddy is too cool to pass up.  Soothe your itchy skin and groom your facial hair anytime, anywhere, and in style!

5) Beard Comb Knuckle Duster

Want a cheaper but still awesome way to comb that luscious facial hair?  Try this beard comb knuckle duster on for size.  Inspired by brass knuckles, this $25 comb by GregLeaman on Etsy is made from thick laser cut maple that any lumberjack look alike is sure to enjoy.

6) Chia Uncle Si Duck Dynasty Planter

Having trouble growing your own beard or a proud beard owner with a love for greenery?  Maybe the Chia Uncle Si is for you.  For around $12 on Amazon, you can delight in watching a tiny chia beard sprout from Uncle Si from the show Duck Dynasty.

7) The Original Cowboy Comb

What better way to comb your mustache than with a mustache?  Combing facial hair is vital in ensuring a well kempt mustache and/or beard, so a compact comb like the original cowboy comb is essential for proud owners of facial hair.

8) Beard Collection

Admire a variety of impressive beards with this collection of beard portraits by Matthew Rainwaters.  The love of beards and mustaches is so great that they even have World Beard and Moustache Championships which is where photographer Matthew Rainwaters took the photos for his book Beards available on Amazon for $9.96.

9) Beard Cross Stitch

Poke fun at your favorite bearded guy with beautiful cross stitch like this Sir-Mix-A-Lot themed piece by LeaveYouInStitches on Etsy.

10) Beardsman's Kit

Though some beards may look unruly, they really do require some work.  The skin underneath can get itchy and sensitive, and it's necessary to do some trimming and grooming here and there.  With this Beardsman's Kit on beardbrand, you get everything you need in one cool box for $199.99.


This patch is too great not to mention.  Add some spunk to your furry faced man's wardrobe with this Beard The F Up Military Patch for just $4.99 on Amazon.

Happy Movember to you and yours!

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