The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Mercedes-Benz Pickup Trucks

Mercedes-Benz has announced their intent to bring an MB pickup truck to market by the end of the decade... Bubba will be confused!

Images of the proposed F150-fighter are merely artist's renderings at the moment but since non-factory conversions are surprisingly abundant, let's check out 10 of the stranger real imitation Mercedes-Benz pickups.

El Benzo

Old and busted: the Chevy El Camino. New hotness: the Mercedes El Benzo! Rumor is there are at least two of these two-toned 1965 SL 600 conversions on the road, and don't expect them to be hauling lumber, deer carcasses or a few cases of beer. It's hard to explain this vehicle but it's even harder to look at it so let's move on, shall we? (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via BenzWorld

Polished Pickup

There's much to like – and dislike – about this '80s MB pickup conversion from Poland but there's no doubt it's a babe magnet extraordinaire. It also appears to have tail fins. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via TurBo-Soft i Unicom)

Motley Crew Cab

OK, so someone converted a late-60s to mid-70s W115 sedan into a crew cab pickup... why did they do that?? Considering the minuscule pickup bed, a lot of time and trouble would have been saved had they simply removed the trunk lid. Umm, don't try this at home on Mom's MB, kids. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via Craoladh Bradach)

Deceptive Benz

This 1979 MB 300 TD doesn't look half bad, providing one starts at the front half. Diesel-powered and painted gunmetal gray, the conversion is at least practical thanks to the enormous bed out back. Bring one of these home, however, and YOU'LL be sleeping in a bed out back. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via Bring A Trailer)   

The D List

Don't let that “D” fool you, this is one MB220D whose clattering, chattering, sputtering days are over. It seems the South African owner of this former sedan wasn't satisfied after chopping the body into a respectable pickup so he yanked the truckish diesel engine and replaced it with a gas-sipping V8 out of a late-model Lexus. In a related theme, rich people really do think differently from the rest of us. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via AutoBlog)

Spastic Surgery

Once upon a time, a nice white Mercedes-Benz 300 C Coupe was rear-ended by someone obviously inconsiderate of fine German style and engineering... or more likely, drunk as a skunk. Does this story have a happy ending? From the looks of it, no, no it does not. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via HobbyTalk)

White Out

Another crew cab proposal (aka photoshop) that raises more questions than answers. In fact, this thing is an answer to a question nobody asked. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via eMercedesBenz)

Back In Black

“The Best Used Car”? Forgive me for being dubious but for one thing it's only HALF a car... approximately. Gotta give the customizer credit, however, for somehow getting the front end of an early 1960s Mercedes-Benz sedan and the rear end (maybe the greenhouse as well) of what looks like a late-fifties GMC step-side pickup to mesh without too much trouble. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via PeachParts

Blue Velvet

If GM can give us the HHR, why can't Mercedes-Benz release a Heckflosse (“tailfin”) pickup? Because they're MB and not GM, that's why. Gotta admit, though, this blue beauty is about as nice of an MB pick-em-up as you're ever gonna see. Whaddya say, Mercedes, challenge accepted? (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image via Ryolf Per)

Back To The 'Shop

This looks 'shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite- OK, enough. No meme can possibly do injustice to what really does have to be one of the worst photoshop jobs – and I hesitate to even use the word “jobs” for risk of offending the world's workers – anyone and everyone has seen or ever WILL see.

Trust that whenever Mercedes-Benz gets around to designing a pickup truck, whatever they come up with will be the polar opposite of this... thing. (Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image above via Tuning PP, at top via Practical Motoring)