Top 5 Best Nail DIY Tools

If you want to do your nails at home but get a salon quality look, you've come to the right place. This list of top 5 nail DIY tools will get your creative juices flowing. Your manicure can look amazing with these special tools, and you don't even have to leave your home. 


Acrylic Nail ArtAcrylic Nail Art

1. Acrylic Nail Art Paint

Nail artists create elaborate designs on their manicures with paint. From swirls and patterns to delicate flowers, these are all created with acrylic nail paint. Because you'll need to use fine brushes when creating your manicure, nail polish is out of the question. Polish is tacky and can ruin your brushes. Acrylic nail paint can be watered down, mixed, and applied easily to nails. There are lots of inspiration images out there, as well as helpful videos. With a little practice, your nails can have the beautiful effect acrylic nail paint offers.  

MoYou NailsMoYou Nails

 2. MoYou Nails

If you want to add intricate but small details to your nails, MoYou Nails is the way to go. MoYou Nails created plates with flowers, patterns, and other prints engraved on top. In order to put a design on to your nail, you cover one of the engravings in nail polish, scrape off the extra, roll a stamp over the engraving, and then roll the same stamp over your nail. If you use MoYou nail polish, the print dries in seconds. Apply a top coat, and you'll have a pretty accent on your manicure. It's that simple. There's a bit of preparation work and clean-up, but the result is worth it. For inspiration, you can check out their gallery

Eye Shadow Brush Manicure (Courtesy of Huff Post Style)Eye Shadow Brush Manicure (Courtesy of Huff Post Style)

3. Eye Shadow Sponge Brushes

Sponges are used in painting for walls to create textured effects, so why not apply the same idea to your nails? Eye shadow sponge brushes let you quickly add texture to your DIY manicure. Try stripes or a pretty ombre effect. Eye shadow sponge brushes are easy to come by. They often come with eye shadow pallettes, and you can find them in beauty stores. Try on your favorite shadow in the make-up isle, and then take the sponge home to glam up your manicure. Dual sided applicators will make it easier to change the thickness of your stroke.  Eye shadow sponge brushes are one of the easiest tools to find and use for changing your nail look.

Marbling and DottingMarbling and Dotting

4. Marbling and Dot Tools

Polka dots have popped up all over the manicure world. The trend looks adorable, but creating perfect spots is difficult. Marble and dot tools come in handy when you want to add polka dots to your nails. Each side has a different sized bead, so you can choose how large you want your dots to be. Dip one end in your polish, and have fun dotting your nails. Putting one end in one color and the other in a complement color adds a confetti look. You'll have a party manicure in moments. You can purchase specific nail tools, or you can try push pins, pen points, and other home gadgets. Either way, everyone will love your nails.

Scotch Tape Manicure (Courtesy Huff Post Style)Scotch Tape Manicure (Courtesy Huff Post Style)

5. Scotch Tape

 Everyone has a roll of tape in their home. Turns out, you can use it for trendy DIY manicures. The first option is to place tape over your nail as a negative shape. This creates a positive shape that you'll cover in polish. Let the nail polish dry completely, and remove the tape. You'll be left with a funky and unique design. The big issue with this option is that the tape really needs to be stuck to your nail, otherwise the new polish will seep under, and your lines will not be clean. It can be a bit tedious. Your other choice is paint directly on top of the tape with polish. Just paint a large stripe, let it dry, and cut out shapes from the tape. You just made your own nail stickers! Apply them to your manicure and seal with a clear top coat. You'll get the necessary precision for creating cool geometric patterns. 


Hopefully this top 5 DIY nail tools list was helpful and got your creative juices flowing. Try one of them or try them all. Your nails will look like you came from the salon, when really you didn't even have to leave your home. Keep the pajamas on, and enjoy creating a one-of-a-kind manicure. 

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