Top 5 Totally Creepy But Inventive Looks You Will Want For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and it's the one day of the year we go for creepy instead of attractive. Real Halloween enthusiasts want to look freaky on Halloween, not pretty. So I'll take a step back from my normal beauty blogging and help you get inspired to create something that goes bump in the night. 

1. Skin Cape

Capes are a common accessory for Halloween. Vampires need them. Superheroes need them. Even Little Red Riding Hood needs a cape. However, if you're looking for something extra creepy, why not wear a cape made out of skin? Nothing will keep you warm on Halloween night like a bunch of peeled off faces. Freeze no more because SkinBag makes a lovely latex cape of sleeping human heads. Although the site claims this cape was "dreamed up by gods or fairies," it's actually one of the most terrifying costume pieces out there.

 Face Cape: from SkinBagFace Cape: from SkinBag

2. Zombie Nails

Acrylic nails aren't really inventive but the way you can use them sure is. Lanie Buck glued on some acrylic tips, cut them up, and turned them into a zombified manicure. These nails will have friends and family convinced you clawed your way through a coffin and six feet of dirt. You can check out her tutorial for the full set of instructions. 

Zombie Nails: By Lanie BuckZombie Nails: By Lanie Buck

3. Baby Bodies Costume

Dolls are creepy. They become more creepy when you attach them and wear them like a suit. A New York City-based photographer, Philip Toledano, built a dashing costume from the bodies of assorted dolls. You might not be able to buy the suit, but you can purchase a bunch of creepy dolls and glue them together, and I guarantee no one will have a costume like yours. Sure, some women dress like cute dollies on Halloween, but why not dress WITH dollies instead!

Baby Doll Suit: From Good House KeepingBaby Doll Suit: From Good House Keeping

4. Teeth Contacts

Contacts have been around for a while, and even special effects contacts aren't all that new, but they sure can be scary. Whoever dreamed up these black teeth contacts must have sociopathic tendencies because they are some of the creepiest lenses out there. Unfortunately, they are photoshopped online, which means we have no real way of knowing how grotesque they actually are. I still assume terrifying. Plus, they are sclera lenses, and that alone adds into the creepy factor. Why? Sclera lenses are huge and putting something that large on an eyeball is enough to make most people curl into the fetal position. If you don't believe me, check out this video of a woman putting them in and taking them out. 

5. Stilt Spirits

Again, this one isn't an actual costume or product you can buy, but you could purchase all the gear to make one. It will take some time and money to build but it's on the list because this is one of the freakiest costumes known to man. Forget zombies, skeletons and werewolves. If you saw a stilt spirit in the middle of the night, there is a good possibility you would need a change of pants. Garen and Melissa were extraordinarily inventive with their use of cloth, Styrofoam and stilts, creating these very elaborate Halloween costumes. 

Stilt Spirits: The Creepiest Product on This ListStilt Spirits: The Creepiest Product on This List

This Halloween, it won't be too hard to find creepy costumes. The tricky part is finding creepy products no one has, and often that means you need to make them yourself. Hopefully this post inspired you to get ghoulin'. There are plenty new and inventive ways to make terrifying props and costumes; you just need to think of them!

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