Top Ten Star Wars Items For Your Kitchen

If you are a Star Wars fan then you can really let your geek flag fly with a wide variety of items to dress up your kitchen in style. From tongs to toasters and cutting boards to cookie jars you can support your choice of the Empire or the Rebel Alliance. May the Fourth be with You!

1. R2D2 Measuring Cups

 R2D2 Measuring CupsR2D2 Measuring Cups

The little "droid" known as R2D2 is a very helpful little robot and when he comes to your kitchen as a measuring set it is no different.  Measuring cups and spoons are essential to cooking and this R2 Unit breaks down into

2. X-Wing Fight Knife Block With Knives

X-Wing Fight Knife Block With KnivesX-Wing Fight Knife Block With Knives

This shining stainless steel X-Wing Fighter is completely armed and ready to do battle with food so that dinner can be conquered. The block comes with five knives: a Cook's Knife, Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Utility Knife, and Paring Knife

3. Lightsaber Barbecue Tongs

Lightsaber Barbecue TongsLightsaber Barbecue Tongs

You can barbecue like a Jedi Master and turn your meat and cobs of corn with your own Lightsaber Barbecue Tongs. Designed to look like Vader's lightsaber, it also make realistic sounds as you grill. 

4. Death Star Tea Infuser

Death Star Tea InfuserDeath Star Tea Infuser

After a long day in space you need to kick back and relax with a good cup of tea. This can easily be achieved with your own Death Star Tea Infuser. There is even a tiny Tie Fighter at the other end of the chain so that you can hook it to the edge of your mug.

5. Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader ToasterDarth Vader Toaster

What would breakfast be without toast -- even in a galaxy far, far away? A toaster shaped like Darth Vader's head that imprints the Star Wars logo on your bread can only make it that much better. Or is that butter? Oooo, and jam.

6. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Millennium Falcon Bottle OpenerMillennium Falcon Bottle Opener

There aren't as many uses for bottle openers as there used to be, but that doesn't make this little gadget any less attractive. It's so cool that I would keep a Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener around even for those twist-off caps that can rip the skin off your fingers.

7. Tie Fighter Nut Cracker

Tie Fighter Nut CrackerTie Fighter Nut Cracker

So you want to do a marathon watch of all the movies, but you need to have some food close at hand. Nuts would be the perfect thing -- especially when you can open them up with this cool Tie Fighter Nut Cracker.

8. Death Star Cookie Jar

Death Star Cookie JarDeath Star Cookie Jar

You gotta have somewhere to store your snickerdoodles, so why not do it in true Star Wars style? This Death Star Cookie Jar is made of poly-resin and will keep your chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies ready at hand for a quick snack during Jedi training.

9. Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

Millennium Falcon Cutting BoardMillennium Falcon Cutting Board

Too bad the Falcon's lasers can't chop your veg for you, but with the awesome Millennium Falcon Cutting Board. It is a great way to take your food prep into hyperspace. 

10. Darth Vader And Storm Trooper Salt And Pepper Shakers

Darth Vader And Storm Trooper Salt And Pepper ShakersDarth Vader And Storm Trooper Salt And Pepper Shakers

No Star Wars kitchen would be complete without a pair of Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Salt and Pepper Shakers. They are hand painted ceramic. They will look marvelous on cooktop or table.

There are some additional Star Wars kitchen items you may enjoy here at 10 Best Star Wars Toys True Fans Must Have.

Happy Star Wars Day!

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