Top Ten Not-So-Sweet Easter Advertisements

So Easter is a time for love and care, right? Kind of like Christmas but without all that damn savoury food. Well, according to this weird assortment of advertisements from across the world, Easter is anything but sweet.


 1. Aquafear Bunny

If you're looking for twisted advertisements, you came to the right place. This 2010 advert from Aquafresh deals with the bad side of Easter, with a demented bunny laying waste to overindulged teeth with a power drill. Designed to make your teeth ache and leave your Easter Eggs untouched.


Aquafear BunnyAquafear Bunny

2.Bug-Eyed Bunny

Speaking of the questionable effects of chocolate.... the expression on the face of this over-caffeinated chocolate bunny, courtesy of coffee-chocolate distributors Zaini in 2009, will speak to anyone who spent Easter night compulsively grazing on chocolate and jittering for hours on end.

  Hovis BunnyHovis Bunny

3. Bready Ears

After successfully turning everyone off Easter for life with the last two ads, here's a (thankfully savoury) cute addition from cuddly British breadmakers Hovis, featuring a couple of doughy rabbit's ears against a white background. Not scary, not guilt-inducing, and sweet-but-not-sugary Altogether now: Aah. Aaaaaah.


 Bad EggsBad Eggs

4.Nulaid Deads

It's next to impossible to get through ten minutes nowadays without encountering some kind of burgeoning pop-culture reference-and, bizarrely, it's this one from an egg distributor that made me smile the most. Nulaid Eggs (based, appropriatley, in movie-centric California) dress up one of their chicken ovums as Jason Voorhees from the classic horror Friday the 13th It's enough to put you right off your breakfast.


Easter DeathEaster Death

5.This Easter: Death

This piece, from global collective TBWA, features a few Grim Reapers lounging around a sunny park to celebrate their first Sunday off in a year. It might be a little dark for some, but you've got to love the contrast of the full-on robes and hoods versus the dinky little tea set (complete with adorable plaid picnic blanket and inexplicable red balloon).

 Heineken Chocolate BottleHeineken Chocolate Bottle

6.Just booze 'n' chocolate

So, for many of us, Easter means spending a whole lot of time at close quarters with our beloved families. Always a cause for concern, Heineken know just how to calm us down, with this nibbled-upon chocolate beer bottle. While it might not provide a distraction from whatever in-joke bickering is going on around you, at least it's an idea that finally combines alcohol with chocolate in a meaningful  way. I'll drink to that.

 Trendy Easter BunnyTrendy Easter Bunny

7. Easter Bunny and Gang Violence


This advert is disturbing, violent, and surreal to the extreme. Perfect! Here, courtesy of Trendy, we come face-to-face with the Easter Bunny caught in a sticky (well, stickier than usual) situation. Surrounded by a bunch of threatening and weapon-wielding youths against an enchanting and whimsical hand-coloured countryside, he's told "Less Talk, More Candies" in Spanish. I wouldn't argue.

Singapore Zoo Easter Egg Hunt SnakeSingapore Zoo Easter Egg Hunt Snake

8.Snake Snack

 Now one for the creepy-crawly lovers among us; an advert from Singapore Zoo advertising their Easter Egg hunt. For all those more averse to things that scuttle and/or slither, may I suggest you look away from the above image of a sizeable snake with a suspiciously egg-shaped potrusion in it's belly. Oops, too late.

 Kill Bill Easter Egg Next MoviesKill Bill Easter Egg Next Movies

9.Five-Fingered Exploding Heart Egg

Another nice, safe pop culture reference for those still trembling from that terrifying snake. Oh wait-it's just an Easter Egg, dressed up as Uma Thurman's The Widow from Kill Bill, and splattered with gore to advertise the broadcast of the iconic Quentin Tarantino film on Next Movies. My mistake. Continue to be disturbed. Did I mention that it's also wielding a kitano?


New Scientist Easter BunnyNew Scientist Easter Bunny

10. Candy-Coated Autopsy

And our final image comes courtesy of the ingeniously clever New Scientist magazine. Showing an average foil-wrapped bunny midway through a gruesome, sugar-coated operation, we get a good look at his chocolate-bean innards and delcious chocolate muscles. Creepy, clever, cute and mouthwatering all at once-awesome.

And finally, here's something to take the edge off that Easter tension-seeing the Easter bunny as a neurotic wreck amongst a bunch of fictional characters in a darkly funny Dr Pepper television ad you can watch. Happy Easter everyone!