Top 10 Most Unusual Rings of 2008

My brother is planning to marry, but a few steps are mandatory before the walk down the aisle.

Getting engaged for starts. And what is an engagement without a ring? So, I sat down to look for the ‘perfect' ring with my brother.

It was then that I realized that there are some really innovative, whacky, cool, and downright outrageous rings out there. Here is a list of my favorite Top 10 Most Unusual Rings of 2008.

Do let me know if you find any others, and we can add on to the list.

1. Meat Tenderizer Ring

The Meat Tenderizer Ring is the brainchild of Ken Goldman. Ken is an artist known in the world of modern design for creating innovative new products. The ring is available in sterling silver for men. I stumbled upon it here .


2. Spiced Lady Ring

Stylish and practical, that's what I would say of the Spiced Lady Ring. designed by Chao & Eero Jewel, this 1.35-in. high ring is crafted from sterling silver and will definitely prove to be a conversational piece. What makes this ring so great is that it is actually a salt/seasoning shaker and can become a free-standing sculpture when it's not in use. A small rubber stopper on the underside of the ring allows it to be filled with salt or other seasonings. That's what I would call extra spice at my fingertips. Price: $345. Check it out here .


3. The Stunning Ring

Most men go into shock when they see the price tag that accompanies rings, especially the ones with solitaires. But here is a ring that is capable of making grown men weep. Literally. Filled with pepper spray (400 times stronger than the average jalapeno), this neat accessory could any woman's new best friend, particularly while riding the subway alone in the wee hours. The ring itself is available in silver or gold and is capable of spraying upwards of 12 inches. The ring itself sells for $30 in ring sizes six to 14 with each refill taking on an extra $8. Read more here .


4. The Perfume Ring

Everybody wears jewelry to look is never really meant to function in any purposeful way. The perfume ring by Johanna Jansson takes this premise and turns it over to create what would otherwise just be a bobble on our fingers. Inspired by haute couture, the ring is created utilizing rapid prototyping in resin and old fashioned cutting and grinding. Colors and special optical illusions are created using layered glass which bends and refracts light. Taking innovation to newer levels is the idea of creating a hollow structure with tap so one can apply a spritz of perfume anytime, anywhere. That's what I would call a real gem of an idea. I found this ring here .


5. USB Engagement Ring

A concept by designer Jennifer Flume, the USB Engagement Ring allows one to carry around a certain amount of data in it. Created in partnership with Swarovski, the ring provides a cute way to store loving memories! One could fill the flash drive with photos and videos, and continue to add more each time relationship milestone is reached, from the big day to babies. You could also store love letters in the form of document. Geek chic.

The glitzy Swarovski baubles, which come in a variety of cuts and sizes, come off the top of the ring to reveal the USB stick. If you've got dainty hands, it comes with a necklace so you can always wear it around your neck instead.

I found this innovative concept here . Check it out.


6. The Remember Ring

What does the Remember Ring do? Exactly what it says. This innovative ring is designed to aid in remembering an important date or event. The ring has a tiny clock and battery within and, to remind you of a special day. This battery gently heats the ring up to 120F for 10 seconds on the hour, every hour for that entire 24-hour period. The rings are waterproof and come in yellow and white gold. "Hot enough to cause discomfort but not hot enough to burn-the Remember RingTM is impossible to ignore!" Read on here .


7. Cushion Ring

Pilo Pilo ring is a finger ring with a mini cushion attached to it, and is designed to be both stylish and useful. The ring takes inspiration from the fact that a lot of people have the tendency of resting their cheek on their fist when they are thinking, daydreaming or even falling asleep. Now, a pillow might not always be available to perform the said tasks. Enter, the ultra fashionable Pilo Pilo which has a portable cushion to provide the companionship that you've long sought in those long, boring hours in school or at work.

Marketed by Downstairs Studio (Canada) designed by Sae Shigeto & Ming Lo the cushion ring sure is a great daydreaming aid. Find out more, here .


8. Handscape Ring

I know it is fashionable to wear loads of rings on ones fingers. But the Handscape ring takes this fashion frenzy to a new dimension. When worn, these multiple rings form a "handscape." Each ring is a representation of a form of nature's beauty; how you arrange them lets your creative side show through. See a few great ideas here .


9. Contura Ring

Contura by Thomas Giesen, is available in platinum stainless steel, silver, white and yellow gold. This innovative concept allows one to wear the profile of the carrier or the presenter. An original in the best sense.

One has to submit a profile photo along with ring size to Fitzsu, the information is sent to Germany, and your custom made ring is ready. It is your image, saved forever, and on your lover's hand. Prices start at $580 and vary based on material and size. You can order here .


10. Viagra Ring

I believe this one really takes the cake...the company Viagra Ring has come up with a discreet way to carry around your small little blue pill wherever you go. You can choose from several styles and prices range from $50 to $80. Do check out the user testimonials on the site here .

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Sep 17, 2008
by Anonymous

loved this column

thanks, I enjoyed this collection, and found one I would like as a gift!

Sep 19, 2008
by Anonymous

knife blade ring

You did'nt mention the ring with a plastic sleeve that when removed exposes a small and sharp knife blade.

Sep 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Pillow Ring

I want to get the pilo pilo ring for my girlfriend. She falls asleep on the train a lot.

Sep 24, 2008
by Aditi Simlai Tiwari

can you send me a link so

can you send me a link so that i can do it in Innovative Rings PART-II??? 


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
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