Top 10 Anti-Recession Businesses of 2009: Ludicrous Luxuries

In honor of the theme of saving money during the recession, I'm counting down the top 10 anti-recession business services of 2009. These businesses are fine examples of innovative concepts; I just can't help but think that when times are tough with the economy, there are better ways to keep money in your pocket. If you're prepared to splurge, embrace these businesses with open arms. But if you need to pinch your pennies, consider a more recession-friendly alternative to these businesses services because these concepts were not created for times when money matters.

10. Figuring Out is an adult career coaching business and job placement program for adults looking to make a career change. With job stability in question in the US, I think it goes without saying that now might not be the right time for a career change. And, while Figuring Out does offer unique services for those in need of career help, their services come at a cost. Try your hand at making a career change on your own, instead of paying to work for free. While experience does count for something, every penny counts during a recession.

9. Eye Candy Caddies brings sex to the golf course, by offering attractive female caddies for hire. At the cost per game, golf isn't the most recession-friendly sport, but if you really need to hit the links, don't pay for your arm candy; find your own for free.

8. Ticket to Mind is a prepaid gift program in Brazil that for a monthly membership fee will ship tokens of affection to whoever strikes your fancy. For the 20 to 70 BRL monthly charges (approximately $8 to $30 USD) you can find a more recession-friendly and sincere gift giving option yourself.

7. Thats My Face is a unique business we introduced late last year, that specializes in facial analysis and reconstruction services. While they will show you what you'll look like in 40 years or as a different race for free; the costs come into play when you want to purchase your reconstructed face as a souvenir. Sorry, Thats my Face, but the recession-friendly answer here just isn't to purchase the highly frivolous statues of your head.

6. Celeb 4 A Day lets you live like the star you probably aren't just for one luxurious day. Their bank-breaking services are offered as a PR option for D-List celebrities or those simply wanting the celebrity experience. Celeb 4 A Day chases its clients with cameras, organizes their names to be screamed into the streets, and ensures they are pampered. With their celebrity experience packages at $299 to $1499, Celeb 4 A Day certainly isn't recession-friendly. Sit this one out, or steal the spotlight by organizing a charity event to give back to the less fortunate.

5. Dollar Hot Dog is a strange business idea that just keeps on coming up on my lists, because there's no denying that it's one of the dumbest business endeavors ever. If you're not familiar with Dollar Hot Dog, it's a home business that ships fully cooked and garnished hotdogs from southward facing mailboxes (which helps keep the wieners insulated and cooking en route) for your eating pleasure. Dollar Hot Dog may offer cheap hot dogs, but there are two main reasons why this concept is number 5 when it comes to anti-recession businesses. Firstly, cheap or not; you're wasting your dollar. Secondly, think of the medical bills when you get food poisoning when consuming their product.

Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous


Real anti recession business, that can never completely go away although they may feel the economic downturn...real businesses that provide a real needed service :

Auto Mechanic
Hair Stylist
Dog Groomer (Hey why not combine this one with the one above!)

And so on, not the absolutely silly things listed above. I'm sure there are others out there, but there is absolutely nothing business worthy on this list for anyone out of work.

Apr 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Very Interesting

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