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Top 10 Anti-Recession Businesses of 2009: Ludicrous Luxuries

4. Dog Leasing is a controversial business idea, in particular when it comes to talking about FLEXPETZ; a company that leases dogs out to those who don't have the luxury to have their own. We're talking about why businesses of this type are anti-recession, so we'll put aside the animal rights issues; but the bottom line is that you'll almost have to file bankruptcy every time you rent one of their dogs. At $99 per membership, plus $44 per day, and additional charges for transportation and more, if you really want a pet; get your own, and if you can't make the commitment, offer to puppy sit for a friend's dog (who knows, they might even pay you!)

3. League of Rock  is Toronto's answer to helping grown people live out their rock star dreams. League of Rock is a very cool business that gives aspiring musicians the full-cycle rock star experience, but naturally, it might require you to sacrifice your first born. The 10-week program is attempting to be recession-friendly by offering a discount rate at just $98 per week, but at that cost, you might be better of just starting your own garage band. Don't let them tell you you're too old; it's a recession.

2. Rent a Relative company I Want To Cheer Up Limited employs method actors for hire, so consumers can fill any voids in their families. The rent a relative service gives women trial husbands, a hand around the house, or bodies to fill seats and weddings and funerals. The Japanese company gives no indication upon price, since it varies dependent upon your rent a relative needs; but it can't be cheap. Instead of going with this business that is anything but recession-proof, get out there and make some friends.

1. The Something Store is an online company which ships consumers a something surprise. Shoppers don't request what they order, so they can receive just about anything; from really cool useful items, to those that are lucky if they don't end up at the bottom of the recycling bin. Some lucky recipients have received iPods or GPS systems, while others were unfortunate enough to receive single keys from a computer keyboard and freeze dried herbs. There's no denying that this weird and wacky business is based on a very cool business concept, but a more recession-friendly answer is to go out and buy yourself something you need.

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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
New Business Ideas

Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous


Real anti recession business, that can never completely go away although they may feel the economic downturn...real businesses that provide a real needed service :

Auto Mechanic
Hair Stylist
Dog Groomer (Hey why not combine this one with the one above!)

And so on, not the absolutely silly things listed above. I'm sure there are others out there, but there is absolutely nothing business worthy on this list for anyone out of work.

Apr 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Very Interesting

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