Top 10 Best Photo Apps For Your Android Device

With so many Android applications in the marketplace -- 450,000 in 2102, according to Google -- you are sure to find tools that will turn your Android phone or tablet into a powerful image editing platform. The problem is wading through a bunch of useless apps to get to the good ones. Not to worry. Here are ten great photo apps that will make you more creative, help your better manage your images or just have fun. 


1. Android Photo App:  Pixlr Express (Free)

This free photo app has lots of great features. Some of the most helpful adjustment tools let you whiten teeth, vanish red eye, and set focal blur for those shots where you want to focus on a particular spot and make everything else blurry. If you like to give your pictures the retro treatment be sure to try the Too Old and Vintage effects. The Overlay section is divided into several categories. Some of the most interesting ones are Light Paint, Neon (check out the Space Invaders one), Olga (like the classic Holga film cameras), Retro Poster, Smoke, Vignette, Canvas, Chem Burn, Grunge, Leaking HD and Leaks (these last two simulate the light leaks you sometimes get on plastic film cameras like the Holga and Diana). Some of the borders are really cool, especially Film, Grunge, Ink, Ripped Paper, Squared and White Ripped. Available at the Google Play store.


2. Android Photo App: Instagram (Free)

This well-known photo app lets you apply effects to your pictures and share them with everyone. It's somewhat limited as far as variety of effects goes, but there are lots of photo tools that turn Instagram into very powerful little photo app. 


3. Android Photo App: PicFolio for Picasa Web Albums ($2.99)

If you use Picasa Web Albums this photo app will definitely come in handy. You can access your galleries even when you're offline. View full screen slideshows for one or all of your albums, even play videos. You can easily batch upload multiple photos in the background while you do something else. Control slideshow interval and randomization. Search Picasa, your own pictures or those of your contacts. Filter photos by tags. Delete multiple photos or whole albums.


4. Android Photo App: Rangefinder Magazine (Free)

This is not actually a photo app, but who would pass up a free digital subscription to one of the best photography magazines available? If you are thinking of becoming a pro, or at least a weekend warrior, you can't go wrong with Rangefinder magazine. Every month Rangefinder magazine provides relevant news, features and columns on all aspects of wedding and portrait photography. Solutions to technical problems, business practices, equipment and industry trends.


5. Android Photo App: Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99)

This photo app turns your Android tablet into a heavy duty photo editing workstation. Popular Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters are all there, designed for your tablet. Work on high resolution images (up to 12 megapixels) and upload them to Adobe Creative Cloud, a free online storage (up to 2 GB) that lets you sync your images between your tablet and your home PC. This app includes tutorials that will let you get the best results from your pictures, just like the pros do.


6. Android Photo App: Easy Release - Model and Property Release App ($9.99)


If you're thinking of selling your pictures -- especially for commercial purposes, like advertising -- you better cover your bases and have your subject sign a model release. Same with a property release, if you're photographing someone's home for example. Without a release you run the risk of a lawsuit if the image is used to endorse a product, for instance. And what better way to manage your model/property releases than with Easy Release - Model and Property Release photo app. No more fumbling with paper releases. Have your subject sign the release directly on the screen. Shoot and embed a photo ID into the release, then have a PDF copy sent via e-mail, while you're on location. What's more, you can create releases in 13 different languages. Even just carrying English and Spanish versions of your papel model releases can be a hassle. Now imagine shooting all over Europe always having the right release conveniently stored in your Android phone or tablet. Now that's convenience. Approved for use by Getty Images and other photo agencies. 


7. Android Photo App: Posing App ($2.99)

This photo app includes a total of 300 poses, so you're definitely not getting into that awkward "ok, what else should we try now?" situation the next time you're photographing somebody. The hand drawn illustrations are easy to understand, but it also includes tips on how to make your shoot run smoothly. The text was obviously not written by a native English speaker -- you can tell by the way some of the sentences are written, and some typos here and there -- but the app is still very easy to follow. The illustrations are grouped by type and number of subjects, which includes children, women, men, couples, groups, weddings, and glamour. A very inexpensive but helpful app.


8. Android Photo App: Awesome Miniature - Tilt Shift (Free)


This photo app lets you replicate effects achieved by using special lenses that can be tilted and shifted. By tilting and shifting the lens a scene can be made to look like a small-scale miniature. Tilt shift lenses can be quite expensive, but with this app you can get the same effect without spending a dime. Three types of blur are available: Linear, Radial and Oval. Control blur strength and apply any of thirty filter effects. Adjust color, contrast, saturation, exposure, white balance and tint. The resulting image will look like you built a small-scale miniature on your dining room table.


9. Android Photo App:Pocketbooth ($1.99)

With this photo app you can replicate a photo booth experience, photo strip and all. You can easily take self-portraits and the app takes care of shooting multiple photos in succession. You can e-mail or MMS the resulting images, or send them to Facebook or Twitter. Photo options that you can change include strip size, photo effects, paper stock, borders, time between shots and flash. Pocketbooth is not compatible with all Android tablets, so make sure you'll be able to use it before purchasing it.


10. Android Photo App: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos (Free)

Get 5 GB of free storage with this photo app. Upload and store thousands of pictures in the cloud. Upload individual photos or entire albums from your Android phone or tablet with one simple touch. View your photos from any phone, tablet or PC. Share photos on Facebook directly from your Cloud Drive. Don't wait until your hard drive crashes and you lose all your images. Start backing up to your Cloud Drive. 

There you have it. Ten photo apps to make you more creative and productive. Get your Android tablet or phone and start downloading.   

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