Top 10 Best Robot Flicks Of All Time

When it comes to science-fiction films, movies about robots seem to reign supreme. This is because the electronic wonders seem to amaze everyone, from Grandma and Grandpa to your 4-year old sibling. But looking back, which films can be classified as the greatest robot movies ever?

The following list highlights some of the major robotic movies critics and audience members have witnessed throughout time. Arguably people can say that because of technology, the more recent movies are the best. But that isn’t entirely true; the best movie isn’t always about special effects. Instead, that particular movie has to also have a great storyline and an acceptable lasting value.

Cutting to the chase, here are the top 10 best robot flicks of all time.

Robot Flick #10. Lost In Space

Order and see it here. Sources: Cyber Cinema, Jeff's Robots 


Robot Flick #9. Disney's Robots

Order and see it here. Sources: Profile Mile , Yahoo Movies


Robot Flick #8. Transformers

Order and see it here. Sources: Roxbury Public Library Programs, Fast Hack


Robot Flick #7. Blade Runner

Order and see it here. Sources: IMP Awards, Collider


Robot Flick #6. The Iron Giant

Order and see it here. Sources: DVD Beaver, Visual Lee


Robot Flick #5. Wall-E

Order and see it here. Sources: Disney Dreaming,


Robot Flick #4. Star Wars Series

Order and see it here. Sources: Uncrate, Sirkel


Robot Flick #3. A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Order and see it here. Sources: Buzz Sugar, Wired


Robot Flick #2. The Terminator Series

Order and see it here. Sources: Imaginary Cinema, Pop Culture Buzz


Robot Flick #1. Robocop Series

Order and see it here. Sources: Kollectable Kaos, Movies Online


Which movie do you think should have been number one? Are there any other robot movies you know of that should have been mentioned?

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Aug 7, 2008
by Anonymous


that lost in space film shouldn't be on there (then it should be the older one if any) and star wars should come in the top three. A.I should come further down too.

Aug 10, 2008
by Anonymous


robocop? imho, there're so many other shows which deserve better to top the list.

Aug 10, 2008
by Anonymous

Not bad...

... But Robocop gets #1?? seriously?? Do yourself a favor and rent a movie called "robot wars" - then re-write this list ;-)

Oct 27, 2008
by Anonymous

Robot Flicks

WHAT!?!?! Are you lost in space??? You've forgotten the 2 most important robots of cinematic history that shaped men's idea of the mechanical man for decades! I took up reading scifi at the tender age of 8, and my first novel from science fiction was none other that Asimov's "Foundation" series. That is where my thinking and imagination traveled for some time, and then, wonder of all things magical, there was "Gort" - 10 feet of gleaming robot that had found it's way to earth with affable, pragmatic Klaatu, and my thinking was changed! I cling to this first exposure, much as people think about their first love for most of their adult lives. But, I was again transported along into the universe when, in the very early sixties, I watched on television the 1956 scifi feature, "Forbidden Planet", maybe the first prototype to Lost in Space robot, yes, even the 60's tv series - there were similar ....

Do us all a favor and update the list!! Otherwise - "Gort! Klaatu barado nichto!" And he won't be sparing the planet, he will be frying your behind!!! Ooops! I mean, it will just magically vanish where once there was badonkadonk!! You've been fairly warned .......

Cordially (maybe)
Klaatu III (aka, the Gentle Cyborg)