Top 10 Business Ideas Suggested On Twitter: They Do Exist! (Part One)

A recent article by Twingly Blog focused on the top 10 businesses Twitter users are wishing for on the Twitter network. It's only a myth that sharing your wishes, even on Twitter, means they won't come true; because the top 10 business ideas do exist! Read on to discover the businesses that meet the needs of Twitter users worldwide in Part 1 of this two part article.

Twitter, the world's fastest growing microblogging site once again proves that it's good for more than simply letting people know what they're up to; it's also a great resource for entrepreneurs and investors to learn of the business services people need. Well entrepreneurs, don't get your checkbooks out yet to get your new business started, because the businesses Twitter has been hoping for are already out there and these top 10 businesses wished for by the Twitterati might just be your competition.


10. Vampire Name Generator

Apparently multiple users on Twitter need help making up their own vampire names; the good news is, there are plenty of sites already on the internet that offer vampire name generators for free. One vampire name generator available at  has coined me "Lady of the Great Oceans"; also known as "Devil of Slaves in Chains".

Once Twitter users have figured out their very own vampire name, they can also sign up for a membership with a weird and wacky dating service for vampires;, which focuses on matchmaking "soul mates from the dark side". With the phenomenon of Twilight, there's a market out there for the Twitter-verse looking to make their own vampire love connection.

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9. Social Networking for Web Design Feedback

Best Web Design SiteBest Web Design Site

Web designers on Twitter have wished for the opportunity to network and gain feedback on their web design projects. Now, web designers can log onto and have critics and fellow web designers vote on their designs. compiles some of the hottest websites on the internet, as well as soon of the biggest design flops through submissions and allows users to vote Hot or Not style on the website designs. While web designers may not receive in depth feedback about what makes their site good or bad, the numbered ratings give web designers and idea of weather their website rocks or stinks.

Worst Web Design SiteWorst Web Design Site

8. Mobile Hairdressers & Mobile Salons

Twitter users are clearly too busy tweeting or too lazy to leave the house for their haircut. I hate to say it, but these Twitterati are also too lazy to look up the mobile hairdressers that offer hairdressing and spa services in their customers' homes. Every city has mobile hairdressers that will come to their clients' homes to give haircuts. Return to Glory in the UK is one example of mobile spa and hairdressing services that caters to an extensive network of clients. Those looking for at home services simply need to enter their postal code to see a list of services available where they live; including hairdressing, spa services, pilates and more.

7. Package Delivery From Post Office To Door

This type of package delivery service is what we know as mail, UPS or Fedex (sarcasm fully intended). Twitter users looking for package delivery from post office to door need to get off Twitter and get with the program. There are more unique and innovative delivery services however, that Twitter fans should be asking for.

Postful allows Americans to combine new and old communication forms; email and standard letter services (snail mail). Users of this business service simply need to send an email, including the address of the recipient, and Postful will ship a non-digital letter via standard letter service.

6. Dating Services For Geeks

Well it depends on what you think constitutes as a "geek", but the first online dating service for geeks, called Geek 2 Geek  is lying in wait for any self-proclaimed geeks looking to make a love connection. Geek 2 Geek specializes in matchmaking computer geeks with one another for romance or friendship, since according to them, geeks fail at finding a match when using traditional dating sites since their interests just aren't the same as "regular" people.


Well Twitter nation, I hope you're paying attention; 5 of the top 10 business services you've been asking for are out there for your convenience! Budding entrepreneurs, stay tuned for more inspiration from part 2 of the Top 10 Business Ideas Suggested On Twitter: They Do Exist!

Via: Twingly Blog