Top 10 Business Ideas Suggested On Twitter: They Do Exist! (Part Two)

As promised, here is Part 2 of the Top 10 Business Ideas Suggest On Twitter: They Do Exist! Now we are counting down the top 5 business services the Twitter nation is looking for, as voiced on the world's most popular microblogging site. Entrepreneurs, get ready to scope out your competition if you're looking for inspiration on your next business startup. Twitter users; pay attention while we count down the top 5 business ideas suggested on Twitter, because here's the answer to your wishes!


5. On Demand Fact-Checking Service

People looking for answers about just about anything, don't even have to leave Twitter to get on-demand information about facts or receive fast fact-checking services. Popular news and media website has just introduced Mahalo Answers. Twitter users can tweet any questions they have to @answers to see their questions posted on the Mahalo Answers website  . This is not a traditional fact-checking and information service since anyone visiting the site can provide answers to the questions posted. Similar to the Yahoo! Answers forum, visitors to the site can also vote on how helpful they found each of the answers. Unlike Yahoo! Mahalo Answers allows people to submit their queries directly from Twitter for posting on the site.

4. Businesses That Cure For Insomnia

It's no surprise that Twitter users are looking for a cure for insomnia, since many are up all hours of the night tweeting away. Some might say getting off of Twitter might be the first step to curing insomnia, but others still look for a more tangible business solution. This one's still a fairly open market; so entrepreneurs, here's your chance to give us a really unique, innovative business that focuses upon curing insomnia.

Currently, more traditional businesses that focus on curing insomnia are holistic businesses that use herbal remedies and relaxation techniques to cure insomnia; medical sleep disorder clinics and massage therapy and aromatherapy clinics.

Those looking for a little relaxation can try visiting a pop-up spa, like that by Canadian Clean Earth Design  for a relaxing aromatherapy or massage session. Those looking for a more natural remedy can design their own custom tea, using traditional herbs designed to relax the mind at body at

3. Hug Delivery Service

Twitter users like hugs, they need hugs, and they never seem to have enough hugs; and a hug delivery service would be the ideal solution to the problem, or so they tell us. Believe it or not, no actual business puts a price on hug delivery; however, the Free Hugs Campaign  promotes the friendly action by encouraging members of the movement to dispense hugs at will to their friends, co-workers and yes, even strangers. T-shirts to advertise your participation in the Free Hugs Campaign are available, so members can dispense free hugs wherever they go; hopefully without fear of sexual harassment charges.

For those still unsatisfied by the availability of Free Hugs, pre-hugged merchandise is available from Soul's Calling; a business I introduced to you back in February. Soul's Calling features inspirational products which have positive energy instilled in them from the owner hugging every shipment.

2. In-Office Napping Solution

Clearly, many drowsy Twitterers are voicing their fatigue during the workday. The good news is, there are opportunities to nap during the workday that don't involve drooling on your keyboard or disturbing your co-workers with your snores. Metronaps  located in the Empire State Building provides nap rooms that allow them to "profit from nonproductiveness". For $14, tired office workers can take a 20-minute power nap in a 24th floor room in the Manhattan skyscraper, being returning to work.

Similar businesses, which I will write more about later, also offer napping spots for those exhausted, mind and body, in the middle of a busy workday; including Yelo .

1. Around the Clock Snack & Beverage Delivery Service

When you're up all night on Twitter and craving a snack, satisfying your thirst or hunger can be challenging. Graze, in the UK delivers healthy snacks right to your home or office so you can get your midday or late night pick-me-up with mixed fruits, nuts and grains whenever you need it.

And for those who just aren't satisfied enough with healthy midnight snacking, there's , a niche mapping website that allows the Twitterverse to satisfy their cravings at all hours by directing them to local 24 hour joints. The online mapping directory can point the hungry and thirsty towards businesses in their area that are open anytime day or night; or that are willing to deliver to their location.

Via: Twingly Blog