Top 10 Coolest Jackets: From Wearable Gadgets To Personal Protection

Hot summer temperatures or not, some coats and jackets are so cool, that while they might make you warm at this time of year, you'll be the chillest person on the block. Sometimes fashion surpasses comfort, as we all know; so here are the top 10 coolest jackets and coats which will keep you cool, even if only in style, throughout every season.

#10 Coolest Jacket: The "Take Me Back to My Childhood" Coat

For those who want cuddly comfort everywhere they go. The design by Sebastian Errarazuriz will take them right back to your childhood. This unique coat certainly is something to look at, but perhaps the materials are better off as bedtime cuddle buddies over fashion.

#9 Coolest Jacket: The "Geek to Go" Jacket

This innovative jacket is ideal for gadget lovers and geeks on the go, since it is wired with flexible wires that operate by solar power, which wearers can plug in their iPods, Blackberries and other electronic devices so loss of power never plagues them while they're out on the town. This might be fashion made with the gadget geek in mind, but in addition to the power capabilities, it also offers style.

#8 Coolest Jacket: The "Every Weather" Jacket

No matter what the weather, it can be hard to pick a jacket that will work in all temperatures. The Carbon Fiber Jacket is the ideal jacket for the outdoorsy types who want to be able to automatically adjust the temperature of their clothing without resorting in layering. With solar power, the Carbon Fiber Jacket has a temperature adjustment control so it provides self-contained heat; wearers can just adjust the temp instead of changing clothing.

#7 Coolest Jacket: The "Don't You Touch Me" Jacket

Ever wish you could have the protection of a tazer built right into your jacket so that anyone who touches you without an invitation gets put in their place with a little electric current shooting through their body? Of course; who doesn't! The No Contact Jacket does just this, sending an 80,000 volt shock to those who need a little reminder to keep their hands off. It only works when activated, and can be turned off for wear in inclement weather to prevent electrocution so the chances of zapping any welcomed contact are minimal.

#6 Coolest Jacket: The "Protection from all Threats" Jacket

Continuing on with the self-defense jacket theme is a coat that's sure to be attractive to all the spies out there trying to be discreet while still protected from both natural elements, like weather conditions, and of course, flying bullets and knives. This jacket is bullet-proof, stab-proof, and water-proof, so no matter what plagues you; you'll find the protection you need. Unlike other defensive jackets, this one is lightweight and subtle, perfect for any covert spy operation!

#5 Coolest Jacket: The "Guess What's in My Pocket" Jacket


Speaking of covert, for those who have a lot of gear to transport, but don't want to have to rely on carrying a cumbersome backpack or briefcase, this is one jacket that will be right up your alley! Made from sleek micro suede in an attractive style, this jacket may not look like anything out of the ordinary; but it actually has 36 pockets to store your stuff. If you're really into hoarding stuff, this is the right fashion choice for you!

#4 Coolest Jacket: The "Stuck on You" Jacket

The Takkiainen Jacket is, according to its designers "for lonely and bored people"; as if that wasn't a self-evident trait of those who put together this unique fashion creation already. Made completely of Velcro, these jackets offer hands-free carrying opportunities for parents with children. Instead of carrying them in some cumbersome device, they can just be stuck to you with Velcro. No word if concussion insurance coverage is also available.

#3 Coolest Jacket: The "Stalking Made Easy" Jacket

Ever been in a mall or walking down the street with someone who constantly seems to be changing directions while in transit and wishes that they had a directional indicator on them just like a car? It has been a long-standing joke in my family that a central member has been in dire need of one of these for years, and now it's finally here. Okay, so this LED jacket is really meant for bikers in lieu of hand signaling; but who's discriminating the uses anyways?!

#2 Coolest Jacket: The Modern Smoking Jacket

This jacket is perfect for the polite smoker who doesn't want to blow smoke in the faces of those around them; but it also educates those about the effects of smoking upon the human lung. Smokers can blow the smoke from their cigarettes into the collar of the coat, which then pushes it down to the plastic lung reservoirs built in. As time goes on, the smoker continues to gather in the built-in lungs, causing them to darken. It makes a "look what I'm doing to myself" statement while minimizing second hand smoke and encouraging others to avoid smoking themselves.

#1 Coolest Jacket: The "I Really Do Have Eyes in the Back of My Head!" Jacket

Moms always say they've got eyes in the back of their heads; but I've got a secret for you...that usually isn't true, as perceptive as they may be. The coolest jacket is one that turns this statement from an idle threat to a reality to be feared. This Hard-Wear Jacket really has a third-eye built into the back of the jacket, which is similar to a webcam, and it keeps a constant live feed to a receiver that can be placed on the wrist. While this jacket is currently only available in a men's fashion design, I still think this just might be every mom's dream wearable gadget!

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Jun 30, 2009
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Teddy Bear Coat

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