Mugnificant! Top 10 Crazy and Funny Mugs

There is certainly no shortage of weird and wonderful food-related things to write about, but when a friend showing you a picture of a toilet-shaped mug results in a pig-like chuckle squeezing itself out of your lungs/nostrels, there is not much thinking left to be done. So here we go - a tribute to the 15 year old schoolboy/girl in all of us. I am talking, of course, about some of the world's funniest and craziest mugs.

We are not messing around. These mugs will lovingly hold your tea, coffee or a bodily fluid of your choice, whilst also spreading laugher like melted butter (bad joke but I regret nothing). Yes indeed, sometimes it truly is the simplest and stupidest things which are the best. So with this at the forefront of my ridiculously childish mind, please find below, for your careful consideration, a bunch of funny looking mugs, along with some juvenile commentary. Enjoy!

Crazy Mug #1 - The Butt Mug

Crazy! No ifs ands butts or maybesCrazy! No ifs ands butts or maybes

Susceptible to as many puns as you can think up, this Butt Mug is nothing short of genius. Whether you want to amuse your family/friends or disrespect someone, this beautiful, filthy and insanely crazy mug is just what the doctor would order...probably. You can buy and read Butt Mug reviews here, as if you needed an invitation. (Update: Sorry but this buttmug is no longer for sale.)

Crazy Mug #2 - Webcup 1.0

Tea-nological: Webcup 1.0Tea-nological: Webcup 1.0

With the internet accessible through so many devices and in most places across the world, why should breakfast time remain unaffected by the 21st century? The answer is that it shouldn't. Enter, Webcup 1.0. Complete with a minature screen, this modern day crazy mug takes having a quick cup of coffee to a new, and certainly not as quick, level. Keep an eye out here for the chance to buy this product very soon.

Crazy Mug #3 - The Knuckle Duster Mug

The Knuckle Duster MugThe Knuckle Duster Mug

I may well be mistaken, but to my mind all of us must have thought at one point: 'I wish my coffee cup doubled as a knuckle duster'. For those of you who have had this thought I hope you are comfortable in your jail cells as you read this, and for those who have not had this thought, I'm sorry. Follow this link to read reviews and pimp up your coffee cup.

Crazy Mug #4 - The Snout Mug

The dream: you can now have a pig's snoutThe dream: you can now have a pig's snout

Some people want lots of money, fancy cars and big houses, but there are a few people (found in dark corners of the world) who simply want to have a pig's snout whilst drinking their coffee. This is now possible. Casting aside for a second the issue of who first said 'let's put a pig's snout on the bottom of a mug' (and this certainly is an issue), you cannot help but laugh when you lay your eyes on this piggy little crowd pleaser.

Crazy Mug #5 - The Toilet Seat Mug

One of the craziest: Toilet Seat mugOne of the craziest: Toilet Seat mug

There's no getting away from it. This is a mug which is shaped like a toilet. Whilst many people may not consider this the most appetizing of sights to accompany their beverage, waving around this mug is bound to turn heads. So whilst it may be the ugly duckling of the kitchen's mug collection (often mysteriously disappearing behind the toaster), this is one of the most laugh-out-loud mugs you can find. I would certainly recommend checking out reviews and prices here. 

Crazy Mug #6 -The Keyboard Mug

Your type of thing?Your type of thing?

There is something about seeing a piece of equipment which you use daily turned into a coffee cup set. We are all extremely familiar with the mark of modern technology that is the humble keyboard. I bet you never thought all those years ago when you first bought a keyboard and your child tried to chew it, that one day it would be turned into a range of coffee cups. If your kids are old enough and have stopped biting random objects, then here are some reviews and prices. 

Crazy Mug #7 - The Dialing Pad Mug

No it's not a giant phone!No it's not a giant phone!

Although this bad boy is fairly similar to its companion above, it is certainly not just here to make up the numbers.........Yep, the only way this contraption could possibly go down badly is if 13 thirsty guests were to show up wanting a cup of the good stuff.

Crazy Mug #8 - The Dog Mug

Sometimes you just need a dog on your mugSometimes you just need a dog on your mug

Here is one for the dog lovers. There is a wide range of animal themed cups much like the one seen above, and with thousands of dollars saved in vet fees every year these cups could be a possible replacement for the real thing. 

Crazy Mug #9 - The Duct Tape Mug


Whilst this mug is probably more scary than crazy or funny, someone somewhere has wrapped a load of duct tape-like material around a cup. It is hard to imagine these Duct Tape Mugs flying off the shelves, but if you want to change that then reviews and purchasing information can be found here.


Crazy Mug #10 - The Finger Mug

Bizarre: nothing much to say really...Bizarre: nothing much to say really...

Ahhhhhhhh. The luxury of being able to let a picture speak for itself. Indeed, I could attempt to sew together 100 or so words to aptly describe what lingers in the image above, but this would not even come close to emulating the fun yet slightly creepy feelings generated by a picture of a mug with fingers!

Crazy Mug Results

As far as I'm concerned we have three main contenders, namely The Webcup 1.0, The Toilet Seat Mug, and The Butt Mug. Whilst Webcup 1.0 is not able to rival the toilet humor charm of The Toilet Seat Mug or The Butt Mug, the fact that it creates a world where the internet can be surfed using the same device from which a person drinks has to count for something.

In actual fact, for me this one is quite simple. Although The Toilet Seat Mug-related jokes seem (and truly are) endless, Webcup 1.0 is simply ridiculous. Surfing the internet on your coffee cup......Yep, that is certainly worthy of the title 'Word's Craziest Mug'.

The madness found above is the result of my digging and searching, but can you find crazier? And Yes, that is a challenge! Do your worst.

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