Top 10 Most Extreme Custom Cars in the World from SEMA 2007

Custom Car 8. Toyota Camry.....?

Not the first car you think of when it comes to extreme modification, but obviously it works. The front doors gained a few inches and the rear doors were molded into the body. The handles and mirros were shaved to make a sleeker look. The graphics were done by OG Abel and the colors came from Kolor Kings in California. The interior is custom made fiberglass and hand-stitched seats all topped off with a sound system from Pioneer Audio.

Custom Car 9. Pontiac G8

What makes this extreme? How 'bout a 500 horsepower LSX-427 V8? A new release from Pontiac, the G8 will be taking the place of the GTO. This custom came from the mind of rapper 50-cent. Some notable additions to the G8 were red leather inserts to the solid black seats and a grade A 800-watt sound system from JBL. The G8 will be available to buy in early 2008.

Custom Car 10. 2009 Ford Flex

Last but not least came the "not-minivan" from Ford. The exterior is rather plain with a different color roof that screams Mini-Cooper and a shape comparable to the Scion Xb. The interior is what makes the Flex so unique. Ford decided a refrigerator was in order for the new Flex along with 2nd row roof rests and a massive sunroof. The ambient lighting on the inside can also be programed to fit the occasion. Another interesting fact is the 2009 Flex will be the first production vehicle to use the capless fuel filling system. Not only does it reduce emissions but it will also keep you driving away with your gas cap off and fuel door open.

Some very impressive creations from SEMA 2007. My vote still goes the twin turbo Corvette for the simple fact of 2200 horsepower. My mind is still trying to process that one. That and I love American Muscle.

Source : MSN Auto

George Delozier
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May 7, 2008
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this shit is wack esta perron los pinches carrosestan mamalones

Sep 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Not so extreme, really.

At least not compared to what I remember from 70s car shows.