Top 8 Holiday 2009 Gifts For Crazed Sports Fans

A closet full of jerseys. A shelf full of hats. A collection of coffee mugs featuring every favorite sports team. A wall full of pictures of the greatest athletes and stadiums in history. Every type of accessory and piece of upholstery decked out in team colors. These are a few of a sport fanatic's favorite things. Unfortunately, they're also things that he has more than he knows what to do with, meaning you'd better think a little deeper about what to buy this holiday. Here are some gift ideas that he probably never even thought of, let alone purchased. 


  Sportscast Wireless Scoreboard Clocks

As much as any sports fanatic wants to plant down in front of the TV 24 hours a day, most of the day is spent elsewhere--like trapped in an office chair in front of a computer screen. To keep up to date on the latest scores, Sportscast Wireless Scoreboards provide scores for every team in a given sport. It's all handled by satellite--updated every 15 minutes--so there's no Internet connection or subscription needed. Turn his desk into an ESPN ticker with a football or baseball scoreboard starting at around $75


Margaritaville Tailgate Grill 

No sports fan is content to watch games on TV all the time, and any great game demands a great pregame. For the dedicated tailgater in your life, comes the Margaritaville Tailgate Grill. Designed with a swing-arm that attaches to a standard 2" hitch, the Tailgate Grill is always where it's needed. It's also more effective at displaying his dedication to the game (or games) than a bumper sticker could ever be.  Get all 20,000 BTU's of it for $400 at Amazon.


Portable Party Fridge 

The grill solves half of the tailgater's food-and-beverage dilemma but it doesn't solve drinks-- or keeping meat cold, for that matter. Sure, a cheap cooler and a bag of ice will do the trick--for a few hours. If your neighborhood tailgater is the type that rises at the crack of dawn and gets the premier spot in the parking lot, extend his cooling abilities with a Portable Party Fridge, which plugs right into the 12V outlet on a vehicle. The fridge sports 15 quarts of cooling space, holding up to 24 12-ounce cans. No more melting ice or soggy meat. Decorated in NFL, MLB or college team colors. This one will cost around $200


Game Time Schedule Watches

Many a team-logo watch is available, but not many timepieces provide a team's full schedule, so that he always knows when game time is. The Game Time Schedule Watch will even play a tune when the game's about to start. Because what good is a watch if it can't remind him that it's time to get to the couch and turn the game on? The sport's schedule is preprogrammed into the watch and new schedules can be downloaded form Game Time's website (for $10). You can find these in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college and NASCAR varieties for around $100. 


The Beer Belly


Sports fans go through all kinds of trouble to sneak beer into the stadium. After all, who wants to pay $8 a beer after dropping a Benjamin or two on box seats? The Beer Belly makes stadium bootlegging a little easier. All he has to do is pretend to be a little more portly for the day--far less embarrasing than the time he dressed up like a woman to sneak in mini-kegs in his bra--and he'll enjoy 80 ounces of (free) hot or cold beverage. You can contribute to his delinquent ways for just $35. And for the ladies, the Wine Rack serves up 25 ounces of beverage while providing a little lift upstairs. 


Sports Grill Covers


Inside, your lovable sport's lovers pad is probably already decked out in all kinds of sports paraphenalia. However, the sports decor probably doesn't extend past the back door.  Consider getting a grill cover with a favorite team logo tattoed on it. Dress that sad, lonely grill up this winter and make it an inspiration rather than a reminder of the bleak, frigid weather. You can find these for $20 to $40.


College Branding Irons

What goes with college football better than grilled meat? College-football-branded grilled meat. Make him hungry for that strip steak like never before. From the Alabama Crimson Tide to the Wyoming Cowboys, find his favorite college team and get him prepared for a game day feast. This thoughtful gift will only set you back 30 bucks


Roku Digital Video Player


This one is an all-around cool gift with a sporty twist. Roku was designed to stream content from the Internet to the television, providing access to a whole new level of multimedia. Primarily useful for digital movies from services like NetFlix and Amazon On Demand, Roku recently signed a deal with the MLB that allows for streaming of games from the computer (with an MLB.TV subscription), so Roku can now give subscribers access to all the games of the MLB season. This one's a great gift for those who live out of market of their favorite MLB team. Find it for $100 at Amazon


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