10 Ads That Will Make You Totally Queasy


8.Internal Organs by Esthetic Clinics

Could you pass the mashed potatos?Could you pass the mashed potatos?

 Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!  Holy crap!  That is just nasty.  It looks like a meatloaf that has been left in the sun for two weeks, gnawed on by a toothless hound, used as a softball, then finally cooked and dipped in gravy.

The tagline reads "What is it they say about inner beauty?"

Here's what they DON'T say about inner beauty: They don't say it's going to be horrific, gross, or have ANYTHING to do with gooey internal organs.  If they did, I missed that day in Physical Anatomy.

I know that we all (well most of us) have these things in our heads-and that mine is probably smaller than most.  But I don't want to SEE it on a plate!


9. Internal Organs by Lounge FM 102


I'm totally okay with this ad (surprise-yeah, like that was a surprise).  It's sexy, well photographed and eye-catching.  And the tongue is one organ that I don't find gross-unless it's sitting in one of the trashcans in those ads above (nestled delicately on top of the old man's liver).


10. Internal Organs by JBS Men's Underwear

I couldn't help myself...I couldn't help myself...

Hey!  She's a nurse.  And she's in an operating room!  It all fits in with the theme... a little.  I'm holding myself back from saying what I really want to say...  It's up to you to guess, dear readers.

SOURCE: Ads of the World

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May 1, 2009
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Where's the cheerleaders?

May 8, 2009
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I often ask that question...