Top 10 Repurposed Wares from Etsy Designers is an innovative, social commerce website that specializes in handmade wares, vintage items, as well as arts and crafts supplies.  Personally, it's one of my favorite sites when I want to find a gift (often for myself) that is completely unique but also slightly sentimental or perhaps reminiscent of a time gone by.

Etsy is also great for finding re-purposed items, products that have been redesigned for a purpose different than their originally intended use.  I'm happy to bring to you what I think are the Top 10 most innovative ways of re-purposing.

10. From Daisy Dukes to Denim Purse

Recycled Jeans Purse Named Windy: By "NotYoMommasHandbag"Recycled Jeans Purse Named Windy: By "NotYoMommasHandbag"

Brought to you by NotYoMommasHandbag, this medium-sized purse called "Windy" is made from an old pair of jeans.  With bamboo handles and a pink and blue hankie, Windy is lightweight, easy to carry, and unique.  Designer, Ellen, makes her bags with love and inspiration, as well as memories of women she has lost in her life.

9. From Intoxicating to Illuminating

Repurposed Voxx Vodka Bottle Table Lamp: by "LiquidLighting"Repurposed Voxx Vodka Bottle Table Lamp: by "LiquidLighting"

Brought to you by LiquidLighting, this old, frosted Voxx vodka bottle has been transformed to a unique table lamp.  A great conversation piece for any dorm room or wet bar, this bottle has been partially sandblasted and given a red, satin lampshade.  LiquidLighting has a wide array of similar designs and has been featured in Country Living Gardner, The Smithsonian Catalogue, and The New York Times.

8. From Burnt-Out Bulb to LED Bug

 Enlightened Peace Spider: By "Ecohead"Enlightened Peace Spider: By "Ecohead"

Brought to you by Ecohead, this interesting piece of art, called the Enlightened Peace Spider, is made from an old light bulb and some copper wire.  Designer Alon Shalom has placed an LED light in the bulb to illuminate the body of the spider and add color.  A replaceable 3v button lithium battery supplies the spider with over 500 hours of energy.  A switch on the head turns the little bugger on and off.  Shalom says you can place the Enlightened Peace Spider on a flat surface but that they really like to be hung from the ceiling with fishing line.

7. From Printed Page to Vintage Illustration

Cheese Fly Vintage Dictionary Art Print: by "Memorydust"Cheese Fly Vintage Dictionary Art Print: by "Memorydust"

Brought to you by Memorydust, this old dictionary page has been transformed to hangable art.  The Cheese Fly Vintage Dictionary Art Print is just one of this full-time artists' many similar pieces of re-purposed artwork.  The artist used an "antique dictionary page" as canvas for her illustration, and she includes the name and page number of one chosen word from that page. (Update: No longer available.)

6. From Videotape Junk to Vintage Journal

E.T. Recycled VHS Journal Sketchbook: by "MovieFilmBows"E.T. Recycled VHS Journal Sketchbook: by "MovieFilmBows"

Brought to you by MovieFilmBows, the front and back covers of this journal/sketchbook are made from the box of an old E.T. VHS tape.  MovieFilmBows specializes in re-purposed items made from film memorabilia.  The designer also has bookmarks made from the sides of VHS boxes, hair bows made from actual movie film, as well as charms and keychains made from a single frame from a 35mm film strip.

5. From Stuffy Suit to Tailored Tote

Tailor Upcycled Suit Tote: By "DandyFlorence"Tailor Upcycled Suit Tote: By "DandyFlorence"

Brought to you by DandyFlorence, a suit jacket, shirt, and tie have been used to create this 14"x12.5" tote bag.  DandyFlorence, based out of Helsinki, specializes in repurposed suit-totes, as well as handbags made from other repurposed items, such as from seatbelts or vinyl movie banners.

4. From Pole Dancing to Potted Plant

Jade Reclaimed Stiletto Heel Aloe Planter: by "Giddyspinster"Jade Reclaimed Stiletto Heel Aloe Planter: by "Giddyspinster"

Brought to you by Giddyspinster, this (possibly subliminally feminist) aloe planter was made from a size 6, re-purposed stilleto heel.  The top of the shoe has been removed and the remainder was sanded down.  Holes have been drilled for drainage, and the aloe plant comes pre-planted.  Designer Rachel Mahlke promotes sustainability by using only natural and organic fertilizers and soil.  The plants come from a local grower in her area who is 100% certified organic.

3. From Tupperware to Table Lamp

Spring Flowers Tupperware TupperLIGHT Retro Table Lamp: by "BootsNGus"Spring Flowers Tupperware TupperLIGHT Retro Table Lamp: by "BootsNGus"

Brought to you by BootsNGus, these iconic Tupperware bowls that most of us probably grew up with are put to another use - mood lighting.  The Spring FlowersTupperware TupperLIGHT comes as a set of two table lamps and 3 container shades (yellow, dark orange, and bright orange).  Perfect for a kid's night-light or a retro accent lamp.  Lit with a 4 watt night light, these lamps are 19.5" tall.  The designer also has over 300 other interesting re-purposed lighting designs.

2. From Vintage Suitcase to Fluffy's Sleeping Spot

Snuggy Luggage Vintage Navy/Yellow Suitcase Pet Bed: by "ThePopStopsHere"Snuggy Luggage Vintage Navy/Yellow Suitcase Pet Bed: by "ThePopStopsHere"

Brought to you by ThePopStopsHere, this pet bed is perfect for the pet who's always jumping in your luggage when you're trying to pack.  SnuggyLuggage is made from a (late '40s or early '50s) vintage navy and sienna brown leather suitcase and has been transformed into a "cozy and fashionable pet bed."  The blue and yellow country patterned pillow is removable and machine washable.  

1. From Vintage Oven to Leisure Lounge Chair

 The Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge: by "WayOutHere"The Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge: by "WayOutHere"

Brought to you by WayOutHere, this vintage oven-turned-lounge-chair has unfortunately been sold, but I hope to see more like it show up.  Not only does it look comfortable, it's also incredibly unique and fun.  Designed by a student from the University of Cincinnati, the Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge is versatile too; the bottom drawer slides out to support the oven door which allows you to prop up your feet for comfort.  It can even transform back to it's oven-form when you close everything up.  What's more, it also comes with a functional battery-powered clock to power the original clock interface on the stove!