Top 10 Scariest Contact Lenses: Fashion For Your Eyes

The world of eyewear has been forever changed by the introduction of contact lenses, however, not all of them are practical or fashionable; some contact lenses are just downright disgusting, creepy, and especially scary. The top 10 contact lenses mentioned here are in no particular order, because I just can't seem to decide which ones creep me out more!

10. Black Out Contact Lenses

These scary contact lenses are perfect to give you that Edward Cullen vampire eye. While these creepy contact lenses are most commonly worn as part of scary Halloween costumes, men all around the world are probably scrambling for these black out contact lenses to attract their very own Bella, just like in Twilight. Hey, it worked for Edward.

Get these scary contact lenses here.

9. Alien Contact Lenses

Who needs to speculate about UFO sightings when you can get the "out of this world" look on a daily basis?  Stop wishing about getting beamed up by visiting aliens, and become one yourself with these creepy, cool contact lenses. With these fashionable, special effect lenses, your natural color won't show through, so it's an alien look all your own.

Non-prescription special effect alien contact lenses are available under the name Green Reptile Lenses here. 

8. Stitches Contact Lenses

It may seem like a patient of laser eye surgery's greatest fear; having to have their eyeballs stitched back together following medical malpractice. However, the stitches contact lenses sure are scary. Perfect for Halloween or scaring the crap out of your friends, the stitches contact lenses display some of your natural eye color surrounded by a grey iris with black stitches. At $105 per pair here, the scary stitches contact lenses are pricey, but who cares about money when you're undead?

7. Computer Chip Contact Lenses

The name of this style of contact lens may not sound scary, but the effect is surprisingly terrifying. The creepy contact lenses camouflage any eye color with a washout white color and  surrounds the pupil with a black computer chip design. The computer chip contact lenses are the perfect fashion accessory for the computer geek who want to take their passion to the extreme, by literally seeing microchips everywhere they go!

The computer chip contact lenses are available unde rthe name Machinehead here.

6. The Hourglass Contact Lens

Females and fashion lovers are always striving to attain that ideal hourglass shape; but for those who can't transform their bodies to achieve the houseglass shape, can make sure they maintain that hourglass vision. Hourglass contacts don't sound scary, but the affect of the eyewear is definitely disturbing. The hourglass contact lenses available from Contact Lenses  totally overwhelm the natural color of your eye with a hazel background with a contrasting black hourglass form that rests over the pupil.

5. Jagged Teeth Contact Lenses

These scary contact lenses are striking in they look like nothing found in nature. These eyes look disturbing in that they don't look at all like human or even animal eyes. These eyes would be the stuff nightmares are made of.  The Jagged Teeth Lenses can be found for $239 from

4. Icarus Contact Lenses

These scary contact lenses are on fire, literally! For the arsonist in your life who just can't seem to get fire out of his sight, the Icarus contact lenses have a very disturbing effect. Named after a character in Greek Mythology, Icarus who despite warnings, flew too close to the sun and fell into the sea; the scary contact lenses are a good reminder of why you should never stare directly into the sun.

Icarus contact lenses are available here.

3. Dragon Eye Contact Lenses

The dragon eye contact lenses are colorful and terrifying. These contact lenses are hand painted to cover the entire eyeball with neon green dragon scales, an orange and black speckled dragon egg design that covers the natural color of your eye, and a black cat's eye style pupil.

Naturally, since the scary dragon eye contacts are custom designed and hand painted, they aren't for contact wearers on a budget at $209 at

2. Knockout Contact Lenses

Like to look like you just stepped out of a cartoon after a serious boxing match? Then the knock out contact lenses are for you. The design of these scary contact lenses is simple; the white color of the lens overtakes your natural eye color, while a big "X" crosses over your pupil and across your eyeball.

The knockout contact lenses are available from  for $55 USD.

1. Cyclops Contact Lenses

Quite possibly the scariest contact lenses of all, the Cyclops contact lenses turn the full surface of the eye completely red, from pupil to iris. These scary contact lenses are most commonly used for movie production; however, the Cyclops contact lenses have also been making a rather strange fashion appearance on the club scene.

The disturbing and rather disgusting Cyclops contact lenses are hand made and hand painted. Available from Fashion-Contact Lenses,  this scary fashion accessory retails for 279 GBP. In the US, you can find a similar Ouch Scary Lenses here for $135.

Love these scary contact lenses? You don't need a prescription to order these weird and wacky fashion accessories. However, before purchasing the eyewear do consult an eye doctor to ensure it is safe for your eyes to wear the scary lenses and learn about proper eyecare for contact lense wearers. The ones I selected are a bit pricey but there are scary contact lenses available for less than $30.

Mar 17, 2009
by Anonymous

It's Edward CULLEN and his

It's Edward CULLEN and his eyes don't look like that at all. They are yellow because he doesn't eat human blood. I have never read any of the books or seen the movie and even I know that. Duhhhhhhh.

Mar 17, 2009
by Anonymous

And fashion contacts don't

And fashion contacts don't make you see anything... what the hell?

Mar 17, 2009
by Anonymous

"These scary contact lenses

"These scary contact lenses are on fire, literally"

You also don't know how to use the word "literally." Who wrote this?!

Mar 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Edward CULLEN's eyes do

Edward CULLEN's eyes do become black when he is thirsty, but not like that. Just the iris.

Mar 21, 2009
by Anonymous


Its obviously fake/photoshopped.

Mar 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Bloody hell they are

Bloody hell they are scary... the first thing that seriously comes to my mind is photoshopped effects. But as Beth Graddon has said they're not... but truly I have actually never seem em' ever being sold but if they are being sold...then fashion has taken a scary toll!

Mar 23, 2009
by Anonymous

But there are HEAPS more

But there are HEAPS more cooler ones! Have you seen the money Cosplayers pour into buying these things?
And no, they're not photoshopped. Gee. That's all everybody says these days.

Apr 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Not a vampire

Only the vampires PUPILS turn black when they are hungry.

not the WHOLE eye.