Top 10 Strange and Innovative Pants and Jeans

 Pants are a staple in many fashion ensembles, but not all pants are fashionable or functional - some pants are innovative, while others are weird, wacky and strangely mesmorizing! Read on to see the Top 10 Most Innovative and Strange Pants and Jeans!

Strange Pant #10. The Doilie Pant

Reviving fashion perhaps best suited for your Grandmother's dining room table is the Doilie Pant. This lacy denim fashion item is the perfect way to take young fashion and make it look old!

Strange Pant #9. Glue Jeans

Made by fashion designer G+N, these aptly named Glue Jeans are unique, because they are held together by glue instead of thread! There's no particular purpose for the Dutch designer's creation of these jeans; so consider them a "just because we can" fashion.

Strange Pant #8. The Yoga Pant/Jean Crossover

Often fashion lovers are forced to choose between fashion and comfort, particularly when it comes to getting that denim jean look. Fortunately, Second Clothing has come up with an alternative so fashionistas no longer have to choose between their beloved yoga pants and the more fashionable, casual denim alternatives. Second Clothing Yoga Jeans are stretchy and elasticy just like Yoga wear, but have the look of jeans. With 92% shape memory and made from 97% brushed cotton and 3% elastane, these pants can bring comfort and fashion to the gym and just about everywhere.

Strange Pant #7. Bell Bottom Leg Warmers

Leggie Legs by ilaniowear combine 80's legwarmer trends with disco-era styles. The unique fashion items have fun names and come in a variety of fun and flashy vintage-inspired designs. Since these do not actually provide pant style coverage, if you want to show off these leg warmers, opt for a more revealing skirt or bikini bottom.

Strange Pant #6. Sky High Pants

Society for Rational Dress has created pants with sky high waistlines. Steve Urkel doesn't have anything on these geek-inspired high fashion pants!


Strange Pant #5. Padlock Pants

A new fashion trend emerging in Indonesia is the padlocked pant. Actually a government requirement in Indonesia to help deter prostitution, the country requires that masseuses padlock their pants to show that they will not engage in any sexual practices.

Strange Pant #4. The Tight...or is it Baggy Pant?

Can't decide between purchasing the ever-popular skinny jeans, or trendy low rising baggy pants? Purchase the baggy-tight pants. Want to show off the junk in your trunk, opt for a shorter shirt. Prefer to show off your inner gangster, opt instead for a baggy t-shirt and tuck the skinny pant leg into a sneaker. The baggy-tight jeans even come with built in suspenders and as an added bonus, the tight-fitting top ensures your pants stay up, even with the baggy style!

Strange Pant # 3. Spray-On Jeans

Okay, so these jeans by Genetic Denim aren't truly spray on, but they are inspired by Krylon paint colors, and so tight that wearers may as well have been painted into them!

Strange Pant #2. The Pant Shoe

While these shoes already had honorable mention in "The Top 10 Shoes in Fashion Today" as the #1 strangest pair of shoes; I'm still not certain whether these are truly pants or shoes, so they can't be left off this list either. Pant or shoe, it doesn't relly matter, they're pretty weird!

Strange Pant #1. Peripheral Pants

While these scandalous peripheral pants have already had an article all of their own, these scandalous pants that also work as a functional keyboard are without a doubt the strangest and most innovative pants I've seen all year!

Via: TrendHunter and YahDigg

Jun 1, 2009
by Steve Levenstein
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Don't forget the Bijini!

Don't forget the Bijini!