Top 10 Strangest Watches - Wacky?

Watches. I love watches!!

One of the best things in life is a really great watch, but I like watches to tell time. Others like their watches to do just about everything, including the dishes and the shopping.

Just because something is strange doesn't mean its not totally cool. There is a fine line between the two and I am often confused about where it lies. Are these things wacky or brilliant?

TecEBlog had an article recently on the Top 10 Strangest Watches.

As I have mentioned before, for all you inventors and innovators out there, its amazing what sells so if you have a great idea, don't let others poo poo it dead.

Here's the one I thought most wacky.

"The “Backside Watch” is an amusing piece designed by Open Concepts, its a watch that’s meant to be worn upside down."

You can check out the rest here.