Top 10 Holiday Gift Picks for Tea and Coffee Lovers

As an avid coffee and tea drinker, I am well acquainted with the joy of small things. Nothing quite satisfies like that first mug of morning joe, or cozying up with a hot cup of tea on a cold night. Given the enormous growth in the beverage industry, I know I am not alone in my fondness for these infusions. So, here are some of my top picks (in no particular order) for this year's wish list. Perhaps your favorite coffee or tea drinker would enjoy these in their daily imbibing as well.

Tea Lover Top Gift Pick # 10: The Sorapot


First up for the ultra mod kitchen is the Sorapot. Designed by Joey Roth, this modern teapot combines simple and stylish design with function. The glass body is removable for easy cleaning, and all of its components are fully recyclable. This teapot allows the user to sink deeper into the ancient art of tea making - the tea drinker gets to watch the leaves unfurl as they steep, bringing the visual sense to the process, and deepening one's appreciation for the fine concoction about to be enjoyed. Its sleek, futuristic form adds a sophisticated panache to any kitchen. For a $50 deposit you can reserve one of the 300 limited edition models now available, and pay the remaining $129 at time of shipping.

Source: joey roth via popgadget


Tea Lover Top GIft Pick # 9 : The Lazy Teapot

The lazy person's teapotThe lazy person's teapot

For the ultimate convenience, tea-making has never been easier with the Lazy Teapot by Lotte Alpert. This porcelain number sits on a holding device which keeps the water perfectly heated to your pre-set temperature, and from that resting place you can just swivel the spout forward and pour without having to lift a lazy finger.

Found via yankodesign

Coffee LoverTop Gift Pick # 8: The WMF Coffeemaker

one button keeps it easyone button keeps it easy

And for all you coffee addicts out there, the WMF will bring your mornings up to speed with its sleek exterior and speedy brew time. At the simple touch of a button -- the only button, to be precise -- you can have your morning cup delivered within the minute. At this point it's only compatible with 220-volt power outlets like the ones used in Europe, but hopefully it will jump the pond soon. Color choices are green, grey, red or yellow and it runs close to $200.

Found via slipperybrick


Tea Lover Top Gift Pick # 7: Molo Float Tea Lantern

floating tea timefloating tea time Next up on the list of cool coffee and tea lovers' goods is the Float Tea Lantern, made by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic, designed by the Canadian team at Molo.  Each handcrafted piece is made from borosilicate glass, and is suitable for hot or cold use. The suspended bowl shape and vacuum jacket serve to insulate the beverage contained therein as well as protect the hand from its radiating heat. It also elevates condensation away from the surface area, so there's no need for a coaster. Very swank.

Found via velocityartdesign


Coffee Lover Top Gift Pick #6: The Café Solo

Cafe SoloCafe Solo The Café Solo is pretty sweet. Consisting of four parts, these handy coffeemakers come with their own neoprene or knitted cover to keep your brew hot for up to a half hour. Also included is a filter funnel and tip-up lid which opens automatically when you pour. Just spoon ground coffee into the glass flask and add hot water. Wait a few minutes while your sleep-encrusted eyes open a little wider and voila - piping hot, freshly brewed java. All parts - except the jacket - are dishwasher safe. The Café Solo comes in either 0.6 liter or 1 liter sizes, and the jackets come in assorted colors.

Found at evasolo and Amazon


Coffee and Tea Lover Top GIft Pick # 5: The Tea Stick

that's tea, officer, I swear!that's tea, officer, I swear!

The Tea Stick is another nifty little gadget that can enhance and simplify the tea-brewing process, allowing you to join the ranks of sophisticated loose tea drinkers in style. Loose tea can be a bit of a nuisance to deal with, and this handy tea stick takes the pain out of the preparation. Perfect for a single cup, simply scoop the tea into the spring-loaded chamber and steep. Made of stainless steel and plastic, the tea stick would make an affordable and functional stocking stuffer or gift for that tea drinker at the office.

Found via slipperybrick at Amazon


Dec 11, 2007
by Myra Per-Lee

Great column, Sarah!

I didn't even think about this area as gifts for my friends. I guess I just assume they have everything they need in the area.  But your finds are cool and I will do some shopping in this category... maybe even for myself!