Top 10 Holiday Gift Picks for Tea and Coffee Lovers

Coffee and Tea Lover Top Gift Pick # 4: Hello Sugar Sticks

Sugar with an attitudeSugar with an attitude

With all this talk of coffee and tea, it seems only logical that their sweet counterparts be mentioned. Hello Sugar Sticks are a sassy way to sweeten up any tea time. Now, instead of just coffee, you can offer, "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" to your drinking partner, or let them know to "Keep it short and sweet." These pure cane sugar singles come wrapped in packages declaring five different messages so you can get your point across without having to say a word. Sweet.

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Coffee and Tea Lover Top Gift Pick # 3: Newton Creamer and Sugar Bowl

The Newton, and not as in "Fig"The Newton, and not as in "Fig"The Finnish Newton is a convenient way of serving sugar and milk. Based on the amazing laws of gravity, the attached sugar bowl rests atop the creamer and due to its fine swiveling action won't tip over while pouring. The bowl can easily be removed to refill the milk, but stays securely in place while at an angle. Not a bad idea if you're short on counter space, or if you like to test gravity.

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Tea and Coffee Lover Top Gift Pick #2 : My Cuppa Mugs

That's my CuppaTeaThat's my CuppaTeaIn case you forget how to mix your favorite tea or coffee brew (or forget how your boss' is prepared), these "My Cuppa" mugs will remind you by matching the color to the stripes running along the inside. They are available in both coffee and tea versions, and the assorted color range includes "Milky," "Classic British," and "Builder's Brew" varieties for the tea Cuppa. Although I couldn't find definitive info on the coffee mug, I assume the choices are similar. Perhaps they offer a more creative range, like "Ink" being the strongest of brews, to "sock juice" as the weakest of the weak. A whole new set of answers to "How do you take your coffee?" is now possible.

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Tea and Coffee Lover Top Gift Pick #1: The Alma Fortune Cup

Inspired by the middle-eastern tradition of tasseography, or the interpretation of coffee grounds, the Alma Fortune cup revives the notion of fortune-telling and elevates it to a modern-day luxury. A totally unique fortune is captured inside a 22k gold-drenched porcelain cup and saucer, and will run you upwards of $75. Far more expensive than a few minutes with Miss Cleo, you'd hope these babies would portend only the best of futures.

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So those are my top picks for the coolest stuff around in the tea and coffee world. I hope you enjoyed them. It seems like there are virtually endless devices to supplement the fine art of coffee and tea drinking, so if you have any favorites, send them my way!

Sarah O
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Dec 11, 2007
by Myra Per-Lee

Great column, Sarah!

I didn't even think about this area as gifts for my friends. I guess I just assume they have everything they need in the area.  But your finds are cool and I will do some shopping in this category... maybe even for myself!