Top 10 Ugly Outfits For The Holiday Season: Ugly Christmas Sweaters And More!

We all know someone who just loves the holiday season so much that their daily wardrobe selection really reflects it. Yes, we're talking about Christmas sweaters, and while they have long since been a holiday wardrobe staple for misfits and holiday enthusiasts; they're also becoming trendy. Ugly Christmas sweater and outfit parties are becoming an annual tradition amongst people of all ages. If you're attending one of these gatherings, or simply have an old-fashioned love of the season and want to show it in your wardrobe choices; here are some great ideas for you!

Ugly Christmas sweaters can be sourced from a number of places. Ask the older generations in your family in they have a Christmas wardrobe fixation you might not have been aware of, hit a thrift store for hand-me-downs (or get online and check out EBay). Or, if you just have to get your hands on a sweater that didn't have a previous owner, you can check out sites where ugly holiday apparel is their specialty, like

Please note that the above ugly Christmas outfit choices are all so amazingly hideous, that I just can't put them in a particular order. My number scheme is about organization, not ranking!!

#10 Ugliest Christmas Outfit - The Ugly Christmas Dress

Santa Christmas SweaterSanta Christmas Sweater

If this is your dream ugly holiday outfit, you won't get yourself in it this year, since has already sold out their complete inventory. But rest assured that next year you can have the ugliest dress on the block when attending your neighbours Christmas party with this dress that boasts a big, knitted Santa Claus. This is an ideal outfit choice for the gal who wants to maintain just a hint of sex appeal, even while wearing clothing that's anything but flattering; a little leg is all it takes. But even sex appeal won't detract from the ugliness entirely.

#9 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Lightup Wearable Christmas Tree

Wearable Christmas treeWearable Christmas tree

Your host or hostesses beautifully decorated tree won't hold a candle to this horrendous Christmas dress that is sure to draw the attention of all of the party goers (though, expression aside, some might pray you stand too close to a candle so the thing can go up in flames). The macramé sweater features a Christmas tree that's fully decorated with ornaments and even a few lights!

#8 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - The "Bare it All" Reindeer

Bare it All Reindeer OutfitBare it All Reindeer Outfit

This is a different approach to ugly Christmas outfit, and Rudolph is sure to be the light of the party during this holiday season. This outfit might not be classified as "ugly" per say, depending upon who's responsible for distributing the label.

#7 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - "Santa Lost His Head" Sweater

Beheaded Santa SweaterBeheaded Santa Sweater

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of. You're sure to frighten children when wearing this beheaded Santa sweater and win a few prizes for the ugliest outfit. This particular clothing choice is available on EBay, and it is pre-owned. So, if you have a problem with the thought of someone else having their flesh in this ugly sweater before you; then it's time to move on!

#6 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - "Santa's a Pimp" Sweater

It's no secret that Santa's surrounded by all the elves, but this sweater also implies that Mrs. Claus might just have some competition, because Santa's also pimping! This sweater is ugly, and it's funny. Everything Christmas should be made of?

Unfortunately, you'll have to view this ugly Christmas sweater through the link as I wasn't able to save the image, but it's worth the visit and maybe even the purchase!

#5 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Christmas Tree Dress

Christmas Tree DressChristmas Tree Dress

Wearing a Christmas tree design is one thing, but actually becoming a Christmas tree is an even different story. This holiday outfit is tacky, a little bit ugly, and will quite likely be the recipient of a few nasty comments when worn this holiday season!

#4 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - The "Love the Sweater" Hat

Christmas Sweater HatChristmas Sweater Hat

This hat really manages to speak for itself. It also implies that while sometimes ugly Christmas sweaters are a choice and a bold fashion statement, at other times they are gifts from those who truly hope you will love and appreciate them (without the mockery).

#3 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Christmas from Head to Toe

Christmas Outfit with AccessoriesChristmas Outfit with Accessories

This feels a little bit like an ugly Christmas outfit put together but a fashionista who needs all of her clothing pieces and accessories to coordinate, even if it means her whole outfit will be holiday ugly. If there were a fashionably right way to jump on board the ugly Christmas outfit trend, this could be it..uhh, maybe.

#2 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Hanukah Goes Festive Too!

Hanukah Holiday SweaterHanukah Holiday Sweater

Though Christmas sweaters and outfits might be the focus when it comes to ugly outfits over the holidays, those who don't celebrate this season have jumped on the trend with knit atrocities of their own. Okay, this one actually isn't quite so bad as far as holiday sweaters go, but you get the idea!

#1 - Ugliest Christmas  - Dreidel Hat

Dreidel HatDreidel Hat

Santa Claus hats are so last decade. Today's hats are about cultural inclusion, and this dreidel hat is a prime example. Okay, so it's a little bit on the tacky side (but Santa hats dabble in this category as well), but it's a noble effort to enter the world of holiday accessories!

UPDATE: What is also worthy of checking out is Amazon's selection of "Ugly Christmas Sweaters"...the ones the folks at Amazon thought were ugly enough to get into their special collection of ugly.  Here's a few of my favorites:

Ugly Carrot Snowman Sweater

Show Me Your Carrot Snowman SweaterShow Me Your Carrot Snowman Sweater

Clever carrot placement, no?

Reindeer Threesome Ugly Sweater

Reindeer Threesome SweaterReindeer Threesome Sweater

 This is so wrong on so many levels.

Gingerbread Man Nightmare Sweater

Gingerbread Man Nightmare SweaterGingerbread Man Nightmare Sweater

Food humor is always fun.


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