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Top 10 Ugly Outfits For The Holiday Season: Ugly Christmas Sweaters And More!

#5 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Christmas Tree Dress

Christmas Tree DressChristmas Tree Dress

Wearing a Christmas tree design is one thing, but actually becoming a Christmas tree is an even different story. This holiday outfit is tacky, a little bit ugly, and will quite likely be the recipient of a few nasty comments when worn this holiday season!

#4 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - The "Love the Sweater" Hat

Christmas Sweater HatChristmas Sweater Hat

This hat really manages to speak for itself. It also implies that while sometimes ugly Christmas sweaters are a choice and a bold fashion statement, at other times they are gifts from those who truly hope you will love and appreciate them (without the mockery).

#3 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Christmas from Head to Toe

Christmas Outfit with AccessoriesChristmas Outfit with Accessories

This feels a little bit like an ugly Christmas outfit put together but a fashionista who needs all of her clothing pieces and accessories to coordinate, even if it means her whole outfit will be holiday ugly. If there were a fashionably right way to jump on board the ugly Christmas outfit trend, this could be it..uhh, maybe.

#2 - Ugliest Christmas Outfit - Hanukah Goes Festive Too!

Hanukah Holiday SweaterHanukah Holiday Sweater

Though Christmas sweaters and outfits might be the focus when it comes to ugly outfits over the holidays, those who don't celebrate this season have jumped on the trend with knit atrocities of their own. Okay, this one actually isn't quite so bad as far as holiday sweaters go, but you get the idea!

#1 - Ugliest Christmas  - Dreidel Hat

Dreidel HatDreidel Hat

Santa Claus hats are so last decade. Today's hats are about cultural inclusion, and this dreidel hat is a prime example. Okay, so it's a little bit on the tacky side (but Santa hats dabble in this category as well), but it's a noble effort to enter the world of holiday accessories!

UPDATE: What is also worthy of checking out is Amazon's selection of "Ugly Christmas Sweaters"...the ones the folks at Amazon thought were ugly enough to get into their special collection of ugly.  Here's a few of my favorites:

Ugly Carrot Snowman Sweater

Show Me Your Carrot Snowman SweaterShow Me Your Carrot Snowman Sweater

Clever carrot placement, no?

Reindeer Threesome Ugly Sweater

Reindeer Threesome SweaterReindeer Threesome Sweater

 This is so wrong on so many levels.

Gingerbread Man Nightmare Sweater

Gingerbread Man Nightmare SweaterGingerbread Man Nightmare Sweater

Food humor is always fun.


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Note: This article has been updated and republished from original of December 9, 2009. Where sweater or original source for sweater is no longer available, link has been removed.

Mar 14, 2012
by Anonymous