Top 10 Women In Business: Results of StartupNation’s Leading Moms in Business Competition

This summer, StartupNation held the Leading Moms in Business Competition which asked Americans to vote on their favorite businesses run by busy moms and women out of the thousands of submissions that were received. The top leading moms in business were whittled down to 200, and here are the top 10 who lead the competition! Many of these entrepreneurs aren't just mothers with businesses - most of them can thank motherhood for their ideas and success!

#10 Mom-Run Business - Menus4Moms


Three moms, Mary Ann Kelley, Chrissy Hinton and Healther Ortego founded Menus4Moms, a business that provides home menu plans for busy moms, helps women shop for groceries smartly, and teaches them how to keep their home and kitchen clean and organized in a way that makes their lives easier! The website which is focused on women may be based in old-fashioned concepts, but these women recognize their role as the head of the homemaking household; they're proud and they want to teach others about how to improve their lives.

#9 Mom-Run Business - Penny Stones

Penny StonesPenny Stones

Entrepreneur Tammy Gentry was a stay at home mom who received a set of conversation stones which have questions that encourage family and friends to share their thoughts, feelings hopes and dreams, and decided that this was something that she could create herself. Now, she sells 5 varieties of Penny Stones; there's the Original Edition, Faith Based Edition, Love and Marriage, New Parents and Slumber Party Penny Stones. Each edition has 21 penny stones perfect for starting conversations!

#8 Mom-Run Business - Trillian Dollar Funding

This business is one that can help other moms and entrepreneurs startup their own businesses through easy access to funding. They work with private funding equity companies and provide complete financial services. All you need to do is pitch your business and see if you are eligible for small business assistance! Sharon Evans is the founder and CEO responsible for this winning business!

#7 Mom-Run Business - Never Pay Retail Again 

Never Pay Retail AgainNever Pay Retail Again

Mom Jodi who founded Never Pay Retail Again seems to do it all, and to get her by, she's become a frugal shopper at its best! To help other busy moms save money, she posts discounts, savings and coupon codes so moms can still be fabulous while providing for their families. What's better than a business by a mom that helps other moms?

#6 Mom-Run Business - Tick-A-Too


Mompreneur Molly who founded Tick-A-Too discovered that as a mom she just didn't have enough time to go out and buy all those baby and children's products that she needed. So, to help other moms she found the time to compile all of her favorite products, including clothing, furniture and toys, and now she sells them online to other moms too busy to get out and shop!

#5 Mom-Run Business -  Posh Pads LLC

Posh Pads LLCPosh Pads LLC

Posh Pads is another business by moms for moms since it makes organic bamboo nursing pads. Moms Jessica and Robyn who founded the company decided to create their own designs that are also eco-friendly because the alternative nursing pad options on the market are typically disposable and anything but stylish. By purchasing their designs, moms can choose from items that go with their wardrobe, and each nursing pad comes with a matching delicate garment bag for washing.

#4 Mom-Run Business - Your Blessed Event

Your Blessed EventYour Blessed Event

Your Blessed Event was founded by 2 moms - an event planner and a Christian Gift Store owner who just happened to meet and start chatting at their children's bus stops. Your Blessed Event features a Blessing Boutique with religious baby products, such as christening gowns and other accessories, and also has a general Baby Boutique that features heirloom quality baby gifts!

 #3 Mom-Run Business - Tasty Clouds Cotton Candy

Tasty CloudsTasty Clouds

This business was inspired by pregnancy cravings. Founder Nina Rodecker desperately wanted fresh cotton candy while pregnant and just couldn't find any anywhere, so she and her husband decided to create the company that would bring cotton candy right to the place it's needed. They rent their antique machines along with an attendant to make cotton candy during any party, event, or for your personal use if you're willing to dish out the dough. They also stand out from the pack because while they offer traditional flavors, they also try to mix it up a little with some unusual finds!

#2 Mom-Run Business - Hugga-Bebe

Hugga BebeHugga Bebe

Hugga-Bebe is a patent pending product that helps infants sit up. At that age they can't hold up their heads, and it can take a lot of effort to play in an activity center; so much effort in fact that founder Kimberly Davis came up with this adjustable, soft seat so her infant nephew would stop falling out of his activity center. As the #2 winner of StartupNation's competition, it's clear this is one in demand product with the recipie for a successful business.

#1 Mom-Run Business - Fabulously 40 and Beyond

Fabulously 40Fabulously 40

Yana Berlin created this popular social networking site exclusively for women over 40 - many of whom are moms - to share their experience, struggles and lend a supportive ear to one another. Clearly it's attracted a big following as it was voted the number 1 in the Leading Moms in Business Competition by Startup Nation.

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