The Must Have Gift Guide - Top 11 Electronic Gadget Gift Ideas

2007 was a great year for new and innovative gadgets from camcorders to cell phones. Here's a look at the most popular and innovative products throughout 2007. With the holidays fast approaching, the gadgets here should surely be put at the top of your wish and give gift list.

Gadget Gift 11. Sony Handycam HDR-CX7

Sony recently released the ultimate HD camcorder in the Handycam HDR-CX7. With this camcorder, you are able to record HD-quality video onto a Sony memory stick for viewing on a your computer or TV. This compact Handycam fits nicely into your hand; and it also sports 10x optical zoom, 6 megapixel still shots, and 3 megapixel sensor for shooting video. The Sony HDR-CX7 is currently available for under $1000.

Gadget Gift 10. LG BH200

The new LG BH200 Super Blu Player is not your average DVD player. This device will play both HD DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs. Although it is not the first player to have this hybrid technology, it is currently the most advanced. The LG BH200 Player was released in October just in time for the holiday season. This gift may only be for the hardcore techies out there who need to have the latest technologies, because it does carry a hefty price tag of $1000. Available at  Amazon. (Gizmodo)

Gadget Gift 9. Slingbox Solo

The newest version of the Slingbox from Sling Media is called the Slingbox Solo. This device allows you to watch TV, DVDs, Satellite, DVR, and other TV sources on your cell phone or laptop from anywhere in the World. This new device will even support HD content. What's great about this device is that there are no monthly fees associated with using the device. You can pick up the Slingbox Solo for under $200.(Sling Media)

Gadget Gift 8. Sony DSC-T100

The new Sony DSC-T100 is a camera with an 8 megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, 3 inch LCD display, and it's small enough to easily fit in your pocket. This camera also features Sony's Super Steady Shot technology which minimizes blurriness due to camera-shake. This camera became available in March of 2007, and it comes in either red, black, or silver.

You can read the full review of this camera at Imaging Resource. The Sony DSC-T100 makes a great gift for around $300.

Gadget Gift 7. iRiver Clix Media Player

iRiver created the first generation iRiver Clix last year which was one of the top all-around MP3 players ever according to Cnet Reviews. This player comes in either a 2GB or 4GB flash memory capacity, and is currently available for between $100-$169.

The second generation iRiver Clix was released in 2007, and it offers up the same great 2.2 inch touch-screen display, 4 GB of flash memory, and can be used for playing music, videos, viewing photos, playing games, voice recording, and more. That's quite a lot of capabilities for a device the size of a business card! The second generation iRiver Clix has a MRSP of $189.

Gadget Gift 6. Apple iMac

The Apple iMac has revolutionized the future of computer design as we know it. Besides offering up the most innovative graphical user interface (GUI) that Apple is famous for, the iMac eliminates the traditional computer tower by putting all of the hardware into the monitor. PCs have already started to switch to this type of "all-in-one" design, such as in the new Gateway One PC. The iMac pricing starts at $1199.(Apple)

Gadget Gift 5. Garmin Nuvi 760

Garmin is one of the top portable GPS manufacturers in the World, and their newest GPS model, from the very popular "Nuvi" line, is the Nuvi 760. The Nuvi 760 sports a large 4.3 inch touch-screen display, pre-loaded maps, Bluetooth capability, Text to Speech (TTS), MP3 player, FM transmitter, picture viewer, and much more. This GPS device was given the Editor's Choice Award by GPS Magazine. The Garmin Nuvi 760 is an excellent GPS device, but it does come with a pretty hefty price tag at about $800. I believe the Nuvi 760 is worth the high price tag, because it's the best portable GPS device out there right now.

Gadget Gift 4. Zune 80 GB

The second generation Zune from Microsoft really improves upon the first generation model which had many flaws. It seems that Microsoft has addressed these issues in their newest Zune, which features an 80 GB hard drive, easy to use interface, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a new Podcast feature. Microsoft is very close to taking over the reigns as king of the MP3 player market from the Apple iPod. The 80 GB Zune is available for $249.(Microsoft Zune)

Gadget Gift 3. Apple iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch is the MP3 player version of the iPhone, and it offers the same great interface that has made the iPhone so popular. The iPod Touch is available in an 8 GB or 16 GB model for $299 and $399 respectively. The iPod Touch will play music, video, and display photos on an ultra-sharp 3.5 inch display. This device is even equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for web browsing with Apple's Safari web browser. This device is extraordinarily innovative, and it's very exciting to think about what Apple will come up with next for the successor of the iPod Touch.(Apple)

Gadget Gift 2. Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is the fastest growing gaming console in the World. The innovative design of the Wii sets it apart from other gaming consoles. In 2007, Nintendo unveiled the new Wii Fit balance board which will revolutionize the way people get fit. This balance board allows you to monitor various health stats (such as your body mass index (BMI)), and it offers various aerobic programs to help get you back in shape after all of the holiday treats you've eaten this year. The Nintendo Wii will be one of the hottest selling products during this holiday season. You can pick up a Nintendo Wii for about $249.(Nintendo)

Gadget Gift 1. Apple iPhone

What can you say about the Apple iPhone that hasn't already been said. Everyone has heard of the amazing capabilities of this device, and if you haven't, you've probably been living under a rock for the past year. This device has won a ton of awards for its innovation, including the Time Magazine invention of the year.

The iPhone offers more capabilites than the typical cell phone including a music player, video player, Internet, and Apple's revolutionary touch-screen interface. The Apple iPhone is sure to be the top-selling gadget this holiday season. The 8 GB Apple iPhone is available for $399.(Apple)

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Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Cheap Gift Ideas for Dad

These are some great gift ideas for my dad. Most are a bit too expensive for my limited budget. Any cheaper stuff you could recommend?

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


"Microsoft is very close to taking over the reigns as king of the MP3 player market from the Apple iPod."

Are you high?

Nov 26, 2008
by Anonymous

No, Sir. You are the one

No, Sir. You are the one that is high. A Zune is about a hundred times better than an ipod. No, an 80 G Zune is not as good as an iTouch, but guess what, it's half the price. It is SO much better than an 80 G iPod. Seriously, that is an accurate review. The second generation Zunes are remarkable. They just added cool new software too. Amazing!

Dec 15, 2008
by Anonymous


zune is so much better than a Ipod !!! i am from france and it's cost me 240 euros To have it !!
guess what : this is the best mp3 player ever !!! and i'm very happy of it !!! like someone say before me ( anonymous ) it's half the price of an Itouch !!! and it's worth more as for me coz it's so great !!!