Top 16 Fun Fashion Finds Of 2009 Part I: The Best In Wearable Gadgets & Just For Fun Fashions

Just for Fun Fashions


#12 Fun Fashion Finds of 2009 - Hand Bra

Hand BraHand Bra

The Hand Bra was one of Fashion Finds' very first features! Sure, it has some practical function; it provides support and perhaps even the comfort that replaces that provided by in-person breast cupping. It's even a little bit sexy, but practical comfort can't be promised.

#10 Fun Fashion Finds of 2009 - Puke Pets

Puke PetsPuke Pets

Messes happen, particularly to those baby toting moms who find themselves with unidentified stains on their clothing as they go throughout their day. Puke Pets are designed to poke fun at the messes, and can be attached to appear as though they were responsible. They're cute, and a little gross, but since the gross was already present at the time they appeared; they're also problem solvers.

#9 Fun Fashion Finds of 2009 - Dry Erase Sneakers

Dry Erase SneakersDry Erase Sneakers

Talkin' Crazy Sneakers by Reebok offer basketball players a way to talk smack subtly on the court. They can also show their team spirit by incorporating logos and motivational mottos to their footwear. Nothing's permanent either since the sneakers use a dry erase material!

#8 Fun Fashion Finds of 2009 Color-in Clothing

Color-in ClothingColor-in Clothing

The Talkin' Crazy Sneakers offer customization for sports fans while Color-in Clothing offers similar benefits to fashionistas. Those looking to do a little creative design without all of the fuss can pick up the Color-in Clothing dress which is like the paint-by-numbers in fashion. With fabric markers, they can create a dress in colors that really reflect their personalities.

#7 Fun Fashion Finds of 2009 - It's my Scar

It's My ScarIt's My Scar

Cars can be considered the battle wounds of life; they tell a story about who you are and where you've been. It's My Scar creates jewelry modeled after those scars on individuals. Scars may fade, but the jewelry makes sure that the stories live on.

Part II of the top fun fashion finds of 2009 are to follow. You'd better stay tuned for the best fashions that transitioned from the runways to the streets and the best fashions that were both fun and functional.