The Best Top 3 Hair Dyes ... Sold On Amazon


Changing hair colors every now and then has been something we women have been doing for centuries. There are ancient civilizations where beauty products like hair color were commonplace.  Since ancient times much has changed.  The great thing nowadays is that we have so many different colors and styles and various formulations of hair dyes to suit our individual needs. So here's my picks for the top 3 best hair dyes:

I love Amazon and think they have a great selection of almost everything so Iam writing about these hair dyes from Amazon, but they are easily available elsewhere too.

Just with any other product you apply on you body, make sure you do not have any allergies with the ingredients for the dyes recommended here. To do this, just apply a dot of it on your forearm and leave it there for a while. If you are fine after a few minutes, it is generally a good sign that you will be fine. 

#3 Hannah Natural 100% Chemical Free Hair Dye

Coming in at number three is one of my all time favorite hair dyes. It is a totally chemical-free solution to getting a naturally black hair to look naturally brown. It is accomplished by using natural henna which a herbal extract. The herbs used in the making of this in addition to henna are Indigo, brahmi and a number of other natural ingredients. If you have the time, look up the research on these herbs. The resulting effect of using Hannah is a deep, dark brown hair color that looks natural and vibrant. The thing I found more amazing with this product is that the herbal ingredients made hair lustrous and healthy giving it a natural shine and making it silky. Most importantly, this is a good hair dye option for those allergic to more traditional hair dyes.

Retailing on Amazon for just under six bucks, yes, that's not a typo, it is $5.95 you get a 100 gram bottle that is good for a few coloring sessions. You may use more during the first application, only because you have to cover all your hair. However, after a week, for the touch up applications, you  would need much less because it is only meant to color the roots that have emerged over the last week, the other parts of the hair will still be well colored as the henna does not fade over the short term.

The ratings for this hair dye are rather strange. People either loved it enough to give it a full 5-star rating or they hated it and gave it a 1-star rating. There were very few in the middle. This was immensely curious and so I investigated further to find that most people on other sites had the same reaction. The issue I think is about hair color. Those who seem to be dissatisfied were those with blond hair. But those with black hair seemed to be fine. So I guess, if you have anything but black hair, look into getting one of the other two products and leave this one for those who have black hair.

#2 Clairol Nice 'N Easy Hair Color

This hair dye is good for almost everyone. It's a liquid product that applies easily and comes even with a precision applicator so that you can have two tones in your head. If you are going to do that, you can pick up two shades, apply one color across your entire head then once that is set, you can apply a different shade to hand picked strands. The box reads that it will last up to eight weeks. I don't necessarily buy that but it is certainly not a deal breaker. I usually need a top-up session about two weeks to cover emerging hair. If you've got gray hair in some places and not others, this one works really well. It will color over gray just as well as it covers over any other color.

The kit retails for under seven bucks and comes with the hair color, the applicator and a color seal gloss that coats the color and the hair to allow for a longer lasting hair color even if you wash it daily.

Most customer rated it well but there were some people who had very high expectations and were disappointed by some of the results. Based on my research, from what I could tell, the problem was mostly in color selection. Not all colors will come out looking like the model on the box. That is a given. You must make room for different colors. Blonds trying to dye their hair grey will have a different effect compared to someone with black hair. So to be fair and not have false expectations, and remember that like with most hair dyes, you may need to try several colors to come up with something you love.

#1 Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye

This is for the adventurer in every girl. It turns your head to a neon pink fuschia mix that comes out looking absolutely fabulous. It's something you would do if you were going to the White House Correspondents dinner or before going to club Med or Monaco on vacation. It changes your personality as it colors your hair simply by coming out of the shower. With brightly colored hair, you will be certain to be the center of any place you go and will be the talk of the occasion.

Retailing at $11, it is one of the best products in the beauty department at Amazon. There are a few other colors beside the red, but the red is the star of the lot. If you ever one to turn your hair red, there is no other product out there that will get you exactly what you are going after. The red in this can will make it look like your hair has been set ablaze. It is an amazing effect on people around you and if you are not the type to like receiving complements then this is not for you.

The reviews on this product were through the roof. 70% of the respondents gave it full five stars and showered it with colorful accolades loving the effect and the fact that it changed their lives. They loved it so much that they were willing to forgive the nature of the dye that discolored everything in the shower from the curtains to the tile floor. It did, however, eventually wash out in most cases.

This list of the top three hair dyes were one of the most fun research projects  I've had in a while. Aside from looking for the best rated products, looking for these colors got me in a very playful mood and got me considering a lot of different colors. I came into this research looking to find a serious color hair dye but now I am thinking about getting the Vampire Red. The next time you see me, don't be surprised.

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