The Top 5 Coolest Inventions From James Dyson Award’s Top 20!

The judges have selected their favorite innovations from each of the 20 participating nations shooting for the James Dyson Award, and as brilliant as all of the finalists are, I challenged myself to pick out the five new goodies that truly deserve the grand prize:

Titan Arm

This all American tool is an upper body exoskeleton designed to help workers who constantly lift and move heavy loads while minimizing risk of arm or back injuries. Not only does the Titan Arm augment the user’s strength and promote healthy lifting techniques, but anyone working with an exoskeleton simply can’t complain about their job- The only thing keeping your warehouse job from becoming a sci-fi movie is the lack of a rampaging xenomorph…


The Sono is a noise canceling and filtering device that millions of people from around the world would be thrilled to own- Simply stick the Austrian designed Sono disk onto a window, and rotate the dial until you are satisfied with the level of noise and/or the types of sounds that you allow into the room. This ultimate noise pollution killer will take the neighbor’s car alarm, barking dog and garage band out of your bedroom, while replacing it all with the sweet sound of nothing.


Handie is a Japanese invention that makes highly articulated artificial limbs accessible to more people by allowing the unit to be powered by a smart phone and by having its mechanical components made via local 3D printers. This makes the brainwave-sensing prosthetic relatively easy to assemble and install, which in turn gives cheap and effective working limbs to those in need.


Another American innovation in the running is the Revolights bike lighting system. The beauty behind this illuminated device is that the Revolight’s bright LEDs shine light in 360 degrees around the bicycle, making the bike and its rider clearly visible in all directions. Since traditional bike lights only shine in one way, this invention could be the savior of many urban nighttime bikers and motorists alike.

Cortex Fracture Support System

Sure, I already mentioned New Zealand’s Cortex Fracture Support System, but I have always thought of the idea of being forced to enclose part of your body in a solid cast for months on end as torture. This extremely innovative design allows the protected area to be cleaned, itched and custom formed using a 3D printer so that the cast system is comfortable for the wearer too. I’d forget all about the inability to get my cast signed if my Cortex Fracture Support System was printed in my favorite colors!

* * *

Don’t forget that the judges are going to reveal this year’s James Dyson Award winner on November 8th, so stay tuned, and if you’d like to learn more about these and other amazing inventions in the running, click here to learn all about the competition. Good luck to all of these amazing inventions and the talented teams behind them!

Source: James Dyson Award  2013